I think this is a discussion that needs to be had. Claims from Medjugorje are regular and constant. Quite amazing things like the sun crashing onto to the earth and drying everyone up (but just there in Medjugorje) to the dancing sun (which I think has been adequately explained scientifically if I'm not mistaken).

Even my Mom's parents (who are Catholic), have their own tales to tell. The most recent one comes from my mom's Dad (a Deacon), who says that one time when they visited Medjugorje, they brought a handful of black rosaries with them (it was a small shipment they had gotten to give away at a mass, but they had left a few back where they live in Connecticut). While in Medjugorje, at one mass, in both of their hands, the rosaries changed from black to gold (they were holding the rosaries; they saw it... according to my grandfather).

I saw one of these rosaries, compared with one they didn't take. They were identical, except the one that had gone to Medjugorje was gold (although I don't know if it was real gold or just gold coloring... I never thought to ask if they got the rosaries tested for such).

My grandparents see no possible explanation other then supernatural. I'm quite aware of the complications of such a conclusion, but, then again, I can think of no other explanation either, and I can rule out dishonesty immediately because I know my grandparents and it is dishonesty they hate more then anything else.


That site is a good site to see what's going on there.

So what is going on there? What is it with Medjugorje that makes believers love this place?

It's odd, too, because whenever I talk to an atheist who's been there, they say "nothing happened. I experienced no miracles, nothing. It's all bunk." Compare that with a believer, who tells stories about miracles and experiences the minute they first enter the place!

For me, it's a strange thing, and it's the one thing that has always puzzled me. I don't believe in a Supernatural, an Afterlife, etc, obviously. But without such an explanation at hand, I'm at a loss when it comes to explaining Medjugorje, even to myself. It can't be supernatural, but what else could it be?

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When it comes to Christian claims I just assume they are lying.  Some have just been duped - but the vast majority of Christians lie pathologically when it comes to their faith.  When losing my faith, the pathological lies of Christians around me were the most compelling reason I found for believing that even if a god did exist, the Christian religion had absolutely no connection with it.

I quess a 'miracle' could be in the eye of the beholder.

I have seen 'funny' things a few times, and 'interesting' things more often. So far, I might have missed the 'miraculous'.

I do try to be 'open' to anything outside of 'normal' experience, but there can be so much novelty that can interfer with that perception.

I am optimistic that 'reality' is not all that stable, and wonder if large scale quantum events could take place. Sadly I have seen lots of crap also...


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