We've watched the four horsemen debate and have read their books. We've read similar books and seen similar debates. We've read horrible debates. What of debates and meaningful dialogue between atheists? 

My first question is...does anyone know of pages online where such debates and dialogue occurs? I'm not talking about pages about debating strategy or proving/unproving anything or praise of scientism or the merrits of science/emergence/darwinism. Such pages are difficult to find. 

Secondly, how about starting up such a group on this site? So many questions to pose in such a forum group. Just a few examples:

1. Is there a difference between a secular ethics concieved by atheists vs. secular ethics concieved by agnostics?

2. Should artists dedicate far more time to exploring themes such as free independent inquiry, darwinism and sceptical empiricism?

3. Would it benifit the atheist community to have a more unified voice?

4. To what extent do you view daily phenomenon/experience/life through the lense of atheism? Does your atheist belief effect your relationship with people, your work or the mundane like how you eat and programs you watch? Should it?

5. Would Atheism and/or Academic philosopy (both) benifit from the emergence of a strong sub-discipline of "atheism" in philosophy departments, on par with ethics, aesthetics, metaphysics, ontology etc. ?

6. How much pleasure do you get out of ridiculing or seeing religious people being ridiculed? Why do most of us take some kind of pleasure? Should we?

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1. I don’t think most people realize that as a whole we all have the same general secular ethics.

2. Not sure who you are referring to when you say ‘artist’- but yes, in my opinion everyone should.

3. Definitely! We are now around 10% of the American population. A demographic not nearly represented enough when compared to other minorities with smaller ‘members’

4. Atheism does affect our lives, well at least it does mine. It effects the way I interact with both the heavily and slightly religious, the way
5. IMO yes, I think it would at the very least give more of an impartial outlook when addressing some of those topics.

6. The pleasure would be no different than being right about the world being flat. It’s that twinkle in your eye, when you know you are right and you know you will win. Should we? Well its human nature to enjoy being the ‘alpha’ sort of speak.

Here are two vids i really enjoyed, hope you do to!


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