I just want to remind you , whether you believe it or not, that you will be judged for this terrible mockery of our Lord Jesus Christ on Judgement Day!
May God forgive you for this.

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lol all I can do is laugh at these :} Very funny!
As I understand it...

The G.O.D. forgives all cause the dude is full of love for everyone. It's true...I read some stuff on it in some book. Big sucker, too.

I wonder how hell feels without pain receptors or a brain to process these signals?
Probably interesting to look at...oh wait.
Don't worry as said in Exodus 20:5 GOD is a jealous fella and he will punish your kids instead of you. Nice. A real loving GOD that guy is!
Aww, how sweet. I will think for you and hope that you are saved from your cult.
Well, I don't think this is hate mail. It's more "concerned-for-our-immortal-souls" mail. I appreciate this person's well wishes and am sorry that they worry about such things. It must be quite a burden.
I'd say that's hatemail I could live with. Although quite negative, it's closer to WWJD than all the other hate mail.
Forgive me for what? I haven't done anything wrong. Even if somehow I'm wrong about god, it doesn't mean that person is right. And any god that would punish someone for a very reasonable opinion is not a god who deserves my worship.
And as for you my devout Christian friend, in the event that any of the other countless gods conjured up by humans is by chance the one true god (like zeus for instance), then i hope he'll forgive you for choosing to follow this "jesus" dude
Blah-Blah....Whatever. Just go to church and give them 10% of your money ,Sport.Lot of good that's going to do you.Oh man are you deluded.


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