In a very long and not the slightest bit interesting story I began going to a chiropractor. It's part of my anti-modern-medicine belief. The chiropractor I go to, an incredibly energetic man by the name of Chris Zaino, works with / for the Maximized Living franchise.


Everyone I have met at the office or in the seminars is incredibly religious. Their mantra is, more or less, "Body by God" and every speech or lecture they've ever given involves going on and on for long bits of time about how "God" enabled the body to heal itself and how modern life (from medicine to nutrition to environmental toxins) prevent that from happening. They basically took my beliefs and threw the word "God" in there. A lot. It's like every third or fourth word.


My only question is, does anyone else here go to a Maximized Living clinic?

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IME there are 2 mindsets in chiropractics, "I can help your back" and "I can heal everything". In Canada, I've not once met the second variety.

I've had a back issues all my life, even though I was fully fit and active. I have known approximately 15 chiropractors in 45 years. Only one (in SE Florida coincidentally) was of the "I can heal everything" mindset, but  not one of them ever mentioned the Maximized Living franchise. Frankly the minute I even hear the word franchise I go into disbelief mode. My other sceptical detector tool is people who write books about their own studies (no matter which scientific field). Automatic conflict of interest starts there and puts a huge shadow on their research. I don't mind scientific books as long as they don't proselytise and sell their wares, and include critical reviews and analysis, never single author scientific books. I have too many unscientific friends who spend big money on 'science' books that are simply contraptions to generate revenue with the air of 'authority'. In order to generate revenue in science, one must publish data that appears new and exciting. That is a tremendous pressure. Another way to judge a respectable chiropractor is by the reading materials made available in the office. I fell on one chiropractor (in SE Florida again) who had this huge hardcover book available for reading: Kevin Trudeau's Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About . Kevin Trudeau has been convicted several times of being a fraud and felon for his infomercials and product pitches and outright lies. Needless to say, when I left the office and noticed that book, I knew I was not going to return there. I wrote to them and gave my reasons.


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