Matthew LaClair: Just a Kid, Already a Hero for Separation

Stumbled an article from awhile back. I found this very inspirational, so even though its old thought I'd post it.

In fall of 2006 Matthew LaClair, in a history class at a public school in Carnegie New Jersey, found himself facing a teacher who unabashedly taught his religious views to the students. The teacher went so far as to tell the students that evolution was a complete fallacy, that Noah had dinosaurs on the ark, all the founding fathers were devout christians, and that any of the students that did not accept God were going to hell.

Matthew, being a bright kid, decided to record the teacher in class; then went to the administration. He held his ace, and didn't reveal the recordings until the principal backed the teacher, and the teacher denied the allegations. Much conflict and strife later, Matthew come out on top (more or less); but the teacher walked away with only a reprimand.

See the video of him speaking at the Westchester Ethical Society, telling his story.

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