Hi guys...

I'm looking for people willing to join a new protest movement. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pit gave me the idea when they told the media that they would abstain from marriage until gay and lesbian couples could legally get married.


Over the past year I have been forming an idea in my head for a protest movement based on their decision. That is... people who join the "marriage for all... or marriage for none" movement would be deciding to refuse to get into a heterosexual marriage, until homosexual marriage would become legal in their state/ province or  [if they were feeling more extreme] their entire country.


As the person who wishes to start this movement I have obviously already made the necessary committment. Now...

I would like to hear your guys opinions and feedback... and ESPECIALLY if you want to join. [If you wish to join the movement... definitely say so in your comment posts. ^_^]

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We seek heterosexual equality. In a democratic society, everyone should be equal before the law. There should be no discrimination based on sexual orientation.
Why stay out of marriage temporarily... make marriages be gone forever. Remove the whole stupid concept and replace it with a parenting contract. No kids, no contract. Parenting contracts would be tri-partite agreements between government, children and parents, sexual orientation not a part of the picture.

Why temporarily abstain from the civil religion? The state issues civil papers for incorporation that are not then sanctioned by a religious ceremony. Not until the recent supreme court decision anyway.


In Rome I passed by the courthouse and several bride/groom pairs got dropped off at the entrance, ran in to sign civil union agreements - in full tux/gown - and ran out to the waiting limo that whisked them to a religious ceremony. These were not the same thing and the events codified a wall of seperation between the religious sacrement and the official government paperwork.


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