Hi guys...

I'm looking for people willing to join a new protest movement. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pit gave me the idea when they told the media that they would abstain from marriage until gay and lesbian couples could legally get married.


Over the past year I have been forming an idea in my head for a protest movement based on their decision. That is... people who join the "marriage for all... or marriage for none" movement would be deciding to refuse to get into a heterosexual marriage, until homosexual marriage would become legal in their state/ province or  [if they were feeling more extreme] their entire country.


As the person who wishes to start this movement I have obviously already made the necessary committment. Now...

I would like to hear your guys opinions and feedback... and ESPECIALLY if you want to join. [If you wish to join the movement... definitely say so in your comment posts. ^_^]

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Excellently put, all the benefits, none of the religious nonsense.


i think its a great idea and I support it, but I am already married. :/

I would love to join.. But I never have wanted to marry so does that count?

You can join! It doesn't matter to me if you never want to marry. ^_^ Most of the same conservatives who insist gays cannot be married also insist that heteros MUST be married... [or no romance beyond holding hands for you!] By refusing to be married one is protesting the religious right's attempt to control ppl's sex lives... saying who you can love... who you can have sex with and when... who you should marry... how you should be married... who can say you can or can't marry someone... and how your children should be raised.


Your position is absolutely fine... because it doesn't keep the root of the protest from coming out...



Welcome to the movement! ^_^

A bit of topic but, if you type in "Why Men should not get married" in your search engine you'll get a lot of hits.

Just to get you started: The consequences of almost 50 years of ardent feminism have been devastating: a society in bewilderment about gender roles, the rise of a class of ball-busting bitches whose battle cry is, "We don't need men!" ; trumped up charges of date-rate and sexual harassment, angry women blaming men for all their problems - in short, an overall erosion of male confidence.  As society becomes more and more feminized, and young men are being raised by single mothers who don't have a clue about the male sex drive, but who teach their sons to surrender their natural masculinity and pander to women, today's man is forced to apologize for - and feel shame about - his inherent male sexuality!      From the article by Matthew Fitzgerald (A Real Woman Wants A Real Man)


I look around at my friends and relatives married situation from an objective point of view, and have yet to find a relationship that I would be envious of.  The men have become ass-kissers, and spineless slaves! 


Of course I hold no bitterness !  LOL 

I think this is just another case of 'the pendulum' swinging too far the other way.  I don't think feminists ever wanted to entirely emasculate men, they just wanted women to have a shot at real independence.  The worst of it is that equality still hasn't been achieved and all too many men have no idea which way is up these days.


Yes, it is off topic, but I for one don't expect men to apologize for being men - on the other hand, I won't tolerate any man who tries to tell me 'my place'.


Wholeheartedly agreed.


But I would like to add something... Gender Roles are too simple! I have met little boys who like to play with dolls and men who like to go clothes shopping. I have met women who like football and little girls who like action figures, legos, and toy trucks. [I have also met men who like wearing dresses - but aren't gay- and women who would have to be dragged kicking and screaming into one]. Point is... it depends on what he means by "the feminization" of society. I think that sexism against men [by men AND women] is underrepresented in the sexual freedom movement. However... NOBODY! [Male or female or something else] needs to be forced into a traditional gender role strait-jacket! Just my thoughts. ^_^

PS I like cartoons [yeah I'm immature... I know] and I found that the episode of the Fairly Odd Parents "The Boy Who Would Be Queen" addressed the stupidity of rigid gender roles... in a hillarious way. ^_^

The Boy Who Would Be Queen

Great discussions and viewpoints! I love it!

I think that your heart is in the right place, but I have to ask... who would care if heterosexuals refused to get married it protest? Wedding planners and florists, sure. But they aren't the ones who can change the laws. The federal government, on the other hand, might be just as happy if people didn't marry. More tax income from all of those separate returns.


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