Hi guys...

I'm looking for people willing to join a new protest movement. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pit gave me the idea when they told the media that they would abstain from marriage until gay and lesbian couples could legally get married.


Over the past year I have been forming an idea in my head for a protest movement based on their decision. That is... people who join the "marriage for all... or marriage for none" movement would be deciding to refuse to get into a heterosexual marriage, until homosexual marriage would become legal in their state/ province or  [if they were feeling more extreme] their entire country.


As the person who wishes to start this movement I have obviously already made the necessary committment. Now...

I would like to hear your guys opinions and feedback... and ESPECIALLY if you want to join. [If you wish to join the movement... definitely say so in your comment posts. ^_^]

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I totally agree with Richard. I've been married once and divorced once. Marriage is not a good thing for men.


I would be in favor of abolishing ALL marriage laws. If either or both partners want financial or legal guarantees then it should be their responsibility to get it in writing before the union.



I got divorced about 3 years ago,And if i ever get married again(I'm not ruling it out)it wouldn't be in a church and would definitely have no religious undertones,If i did want to get married in the future it would have to be a humanist wedding(And she would have to be an atheist,and like dogs)lol


I have found the same sort of thing since I became an atheist... it is fairly impossible for me to get in a workable romantic relationship with a religious partner. [Religious dates tend to like to try to convince me that my atheism is wrong: sometimes they just mean misguided... other times they mean evil... but either way... a relationship where the partner doesn't respect your views is usually doomed, right?]

Well, seein as how I'm already married, its a little late for me.   But I'll be happy to be a cheerleader.
Already married cheerleaders are quite welcome! ^_^
I agree it would be more effective for married people to divorce until it was legal. Just refusing to marry won't do anything. It could take a decade or more for it to be legal and I can tell you I am probably not going to go my entire life without getting married. I may make them sign a prenup first, though.
Well, I've been happily married to the same woman for nearly 25 years, so I can't join this protest. BUT my wife and I started our own small protest on this issue. We changed our facebook statuses from 'married' to 'in a relationship' with each other. Whenever our friends ask what this is about, we tell them that until every American has the right to marry the one that they love, we're not really proud of the 'married' label.

This protest doesn't require the same level of commitment, but with the right hype I could see it going viral and catching on with a lot of married couples.
I think that is a very manageable and marketable way of protesting. Great alternative idea.
Actually, I'm more interested in seeing marriage taken out of the hands of government - it's just an anachronism based on a religious ceremony.  If you want to make a commitment to a relationship in front of all your friends, in a venue where your beliefs are valued, then go right ahead.  Why should there be any legal ramifications to this at all?  Some will say that there are tax benefits to be had - well I don't feel there should be because it discriminates against those who wish to remain single.  Others point out that there are implications to immigration - and I ask why?  As far as rights to determine things on behalf of a dying or incapacitated loved one - that should be predetermined by a legal document called a 'living will'.  Why is there even a government form for declaring who I love?  It's ridiculous.
Well said, Heather ! In my specific cases, two failed marriages!  I did a lousy job of picking mates! But the law, still declares that all assets must be split equally, despite the fact they were gold-diggers!
Got any gold left?  I might be interested, lol!
LOL I was thinking similarly.  I've been married once, divorced after 2 years and happily single for the last almost 7 years


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