Hi guys...

I'm looking for people willing to join a new protest movement. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pit gave me the idea when they told the media that they would abstain from marriage until gay and lesbian couples could legally get married.


Over the past year I have been forming an idea in my head for a protest movement based on their decision. That is... people who join the "marriage for all... or marriage for none" movement would be deciding to refuse to get into a heterosexual marriage, until homosexual marriage would become legal in their state/ province or  [if they were feeling more extreme] their entire country.


As the person who wishes to start this movement I have obviously already made the necessary committment. Now...

I would like to hear your guys opinions and feedback... and ESPECIALLY if you want to join. [If you wish to join the movement... definitely say so in your comment posts. ^_^]

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agreed, that would be more serious
Yeah... for already married couples that would be a very courageous and moving statement. However, what about those of us who never were married? There comes the complication... if you ask me. If we were to get married and get divorced it would seem to me to be a waste of time and [again] people would assume it was just an excuse ["Well... their marriage was probably bad anyway..."].

Also... you could say "abstain from marriage" is a covert way to also counter the religious right's "you must abstain from sex until marriage [or else go to hell]" policy.


I sincerely HATE abstinence only education as well. While there IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ABSTINENCE, giving children no other information or options is wrong... and another one of their sins. [I'm talking sins against humanity and not some invisible sky fairy that no one has ever met... of course].


Two sins could be outlined in this protest's wording... 1. That of denying a subgroup of Americans the basic human right to marriage [and] 2. Denying children and teenagers the information to protect their own health [before and during marriage]


I, and some of my friends, have thought we were making this statement, then I read an alternative wedding book. The man of the hetero couple that wrote the book was raised by two mothers.  He thought he would make this statement by not getting married and his mothers called him outrightly stupid. If you have the right to enjoy all the rewards and benefits of a legal marriage than you should. It doesn't do anything for anyone else's cause to not get married.

I think there is an issue of people cutting of their nose to spite their faces. There are many benefits to marriage, not least the increase in legal rights that the father is given to his child. Why deprive yourself of these legal benefits?


Should one refuse to walk, until sufficient wheelchair access has been installed in their office or residential building?


We can make our voices heard without depriving ourselves of the few rights we have.

I like the subject slogan. I'm willing to do it but I don't want to be married ever in the first place, so it's not a big commitment. I think you will find that the people who are willing to join your cause share in my mind set, which is to say that marriage is not that important to them

i support your movement completely, i being a bisexual am offended that i can not marry the one i love if there the same sex.  Marriage should be for everyone no matter if its same sex marriage or not.  Love is meant for everyone as well




:D YEAH! I am actually a bisexual female as well... and [weirdly] had EXACTLY the same thoughts as you! O_O However I had one other one as well, I feel it is unfair that I [as a bi] have a choice at all when gays and lesbians have none. I could end up in a happy marital relationship with the opposite sex... this seems impossible for homosexuals.


It is thoughts like the ones you outlined... and the one I did that drove me to try to start this movement.

Love has historically had very little to do with marriage. In today's modern world, lovers simply do not need contracts.


The only people who require contracts are children who need parents.

^_^ Thanks! I'm so glad it is legal where you live! ^_^ Here in the states there are only one or two places where a homosexual couple can be wed. And even then... the legal system will usually push back and make it very difficult to use that right [or so I have heard].
I think this is an awesome idea!I am already married and homosexual marriage is legal here but otherwise i would be there like a bear!! Good luck!!
Hate to pop your bubble, but I've been married twice and divorced twice!  Just not a good thing for guys, period! Gay or not! It takes a hell of a long time to get back on your feet not to mention the mental anguish it causes for children!  But if you must, GOOD LUCK, gay or straight!


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