A scenario: You get married, your partner dies in some horrible god-planned way, and you later remarry. Obviously, you could get re-married several times given the mysterious way in which god works.

What happens when you get to heaven and are re-united with all your loved ones? It's going to get a bit complicated isn't it? There you are in heaven with all your ex-partners. What about the sleeping arrangements? Can you legally, well you are married, have sex with all your partners?

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Interesting question, but i think it will be better in a more religious forum than an atheist one. That said, in one of Bart Ehrman's videos he explained that part of Jesus' believes was that all former earthly structures will be disbanded in heaven, including marriage. So, in either case your spouse dies or both live together ever after, the marriage will be disbanded.

 was thinking about it from the point of view of the absurdity of the whole idea of heaven rather than as a 'theological' question. Another argument against theism. If all the earthly structures, presumably including all the things which made you happy, are null and void when you get to heaven, how would it be heaven?

Yeah, I started thinking about that when my mom died and my Christian father eventually got a girlfriend. But there are many other questions about heaven. If lions don't eat lambs, what DO they eat? Do people get food and if they do, do they shit and piss? what sort of entertainments are available there? Do people with talents continue to produce art? Will Brian De Palma be making movies? Will everybody be in perfect health or will some people be grossly overweight and other still be dealing anorexia?

I could go on...

I guess you'd also have to have your capability to get bored removed, given that heaven is supposed to be eternal. I remember a Star Trek episode when they dealt with just that issue. A place where nobody died and everyone just sat around lethargic and bored and wishing for release from their hell.

That would be an Ecumenical matter.

I love Father Ted, one of the best comedies ever! I've been making sure my students know about it so it gets known and circulated here in Poland. Never mind philosophical arguments, I remember reading that the downfall of the major empires has often been preceded by people ridiculing it, it's hard to maintain fear and authority when people are laughing at you.

On that note, I had a marvelous email from a German friend in response to my congratulations for their winning the soccer World Cup. He said,

"I was in my local pub. Everyone went crazy. Biggest success for Germany since we were Pope!"

Fantastic :)
You'll all be so busy worshipping god and having a personal relationship with Jesus that you won't have time for anyone else. There will of course be coffee breaks, when you can gather on the heavenly gallery and look over the illuminated balustrades at the souls being tormented in the fiery inferno of hell. Marshmallows and sticks will be available so that you can toast them in the fires of the sinners flesh.

Sex is out of the question. If abstinence is good enough for god, Mary and Jesus, not to mention Paul, then it's good enough for you. Lust is, after all, one of the seven deadly sins.


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