I havent thought about it much, im young, but it crossed my mind in another post that isnt marriage kind of a church thing? what would an atheist do if they wanted to get married to a religious spouse, for say? I certainly wouldnt want a minister preaching my marriage vow! Don't need a huge explanation but thanks

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I thought about this too and I would like to have a secular marriage, if any. Maybe on a beautiful beach, at sunset, or in some other beautiful part of nature, but not in a church, temple, or other religious, or secular, building. I like nature much better and I don't think I could fall in love with a person that wouldn't completely understand how I feel about this.
Any Justice of the Peace can join two people together as a married couple. No need for the religious silliness.
This has been covered extensively at T|A, most recently here. I'd suggest going through and reading the responses there.

But in short, I was married in a secular ceremony. The idea that marriage is intricately tied to religion is false. It is a legal contract recognized by a secular government.


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