The UK is crazier than the US in some ways.

Here is a man acquitted of rape who can no longer have spontaneous sex legally.

He meets a girl in a bar, they hit it off, and he can't follow up then, but rather has to give the authorities a rather detailed report of what he plans to do with her on his date tomorrow.

Read this rather crazy story (which comes from the BBC not Fox News) here

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I saw this too - weird is an understatement. I couldn't seem to find any rationale behind it, but I'm pretty sure that will come out. Extraordinary thing.

According to the article, there is a law allowing the police to second-guess the courts and essentially put someone on probation even if they won their day in court. That would definitely be unconstitutional in the US.

Yes, it's really freaky. I'm not sure he wouldn't win in a European Court of Human Rights, but as I said again, I have no idea what they are trying to prevent, or why he accepted the order. A four year prison sentence if he fails to comply seems rather radical. If you find out any of this info, I'd find it interesting.

Hey, honey, I'm going to f*** your brains out tomorrow. But first, can I get a photocopy of your driver's license or passport to give to the cops?

And, in a related story, despite repeatedly proving that they pose no threat, Manchester United will be required to notify the authorities 24 hours before any games in which they may beat another team.

Man Utd won't have much of a phone bill so. The police would get annoyed if I rang them 6 times a day!


This isn't the only crazy idea to come out of the UK. Some doctors seriously proposed making long kitchen knives with sharp points illegal. 

Wait why don't they just make stabbing people a crime...(oh yea...never mind).

I would need to know what actually happened during the alleged rape before having an opinion.

Even though the allegation was unproven?

Unproven in court isn't the same as something happened that would affect my opinion.


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