2. His dad has a beard

(Picture: Warner Bros)Are you not entertained, my son? (Picture: Warner Bros)

3. He has superpowers

4. His dad has superpowers

5. His dad sent him to Earth to save humanity

6. ‘He’ll be a god to them’

(Picture: Warner Bros)Superman’s ‘fart bomb’ made Earthlings worship him (Picture: Warner Bros)

7. He was sort of born in a stable

8. His adoptive father is a humble tradesman

(Picture: Warner Bros)Robin Hood is Superman’s adoptive father…? No way! (Picture: Warner Bros)

9. None of the neighbours seem to wonder why his ‘mom’ never got pregnant

10. Some humans were a bit of a dick to him

11. But he didn’t use his superpowers to kick their asses

(Picture: Warner Bros)‘Watch this Lois – I can make your reflection disappear. Hold on a second… are you a flipping vampire? Cos if so, I’m cool with that, just so you know. I’m awesome like that sometimes. Heck, I’m fricking Superman! Isn’t that cool?! (Picture: Warner Bros)

12. Can walk on water

13. Betrayed by some guy for money

14. Willingly sacrifices himself for the good of mankind

alongside photograph credit to the photographer Kenneth Cappello the June issue of British GQ (on sale Thursday 2nd May) which features Henry Cavill on the coverJon Hamm was busy, so Superman stepped in to save the day on GQ’s cover (Picture: GQ/Kenneth Cappello)

15. Is exactly 33-years-old at the time

16. Mortal enemies with an evil dude with a goatee

Michael Shannon plays General Zod in Man of Steel (Picture: Warner Bros)‘Gimme back my GOATEEEEEEEE!’ (Picture: Warner Bros)

17. Likes to chat with Catholic priests in churches

18. Punches Darwinites who believe ‘evolution always wins’

19. That whole crucifix pose when he busts out of Zod’s ship

20. Friends with Batman

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