Man kills girlfriend's baby (not his child) because she's "possessed."

"...Bella Bond’s mother blamed her boyfriend, who punched the baby in the stomach several times, because he claimed 'Baby Doe' was possessed. The same source claims Bond told police they kept the child’s body in a fridge for a month before dumping it by the harbor." (source)

Republicans decry a supposed "War on Christianity." Well, isn't it justified in at least some cases?

While I'm sure most Christians in America don't take demonic possession very seriously, a certain percentage surely does. I think a war on them is justified.

And, BTW, I'd wager nearly 100% of those who still believe in demonic possession vote Republican.

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The Catholic Church has a Chief Exorcist in the Vatican. Allegedly over 2,000 exorcisms are carried out every year. It's incredibly frustrating that demons are asserted to exist, apparently God isn't able to prevent innocent people from being taken over by magic monsters.

Makes me want to weep for the distortions religion is creating in its attempts to keep a straying flock from disappearing altogether.

If Jesus is the shepherd, then demons are the sheepdogs, but the real winners are the priests who get to fleece the herd regularly.

That's .0000016% of Catholics getting exorcized (assuming my calculator or my way of using it is right). Even among Catholics (and certainly US Catholics), I'd wager few actually take demonic possession very seriously. In fact, few take a lot of Catholic ideology that seriously. Witness the fact that most Catholic women in the US practice artificial birth control.

Many, perhaps most, Christians go to church out of habit and/or for social rather than theological reasons.

They don't just practice birth control, they're rather good at it!

Witness Melinda Gates funneling their Foundation money towards getting birth control out to all the poorer countries - Dr Bob was proud to point out she was a Catholic, and when I'd mentioned that her attitude to birth control really ought to get her excommunicated and damned by the Catholic Church, apparently Bob felt it wasn't a big issue.

A case of the rich having different levels of acceptability in the Church, it seems. What a load of twaddle. It's hard to wrap my head around the concept that someone else, not in my relationship, can decide whether or not I can use a condom. Farcical really.

Republicans decry a supposed "War on Christianity." Well, isn't it justified in at least some cases?

Why, because out of a group of 2 billion or so people there are a few that are mentally unstable?

If that's the criterion, then I'm afraid we'd be conducting a War on Every Group.  Jeffrey Dahmer was an atheist who once said "if a person doesn’t think that there is a God to be accountable to, then what’s the point of trying to modify your behavior to keep it within acceptable ranges?"

I think we probably should be very circumspect in our calls to war.

I think you're taking my word "case" to refer to an entire religion. No, I was referring to those who think a certain way.

I don't think we ordinarily use the term "war" to refer to an occasional individual.

I'm also not sure we want to wage war on people because they think a certain way.  Too much Orwellian thought police in that for my taste.   We should respond to people who think certain ways with efforts to educate.

Save your wars for responding to belligerent actions in defense of self or others.  I don't mind if you shoot a nut-job who is trying to beat his daughter to death no matter what reason/excuse he has in his mind.

Some primate species practice infanticide. I wonder if they "feel" like they're removing some kind of "evil". (Yes, I realize how unscientific my hypothesis sounds. Perhaps one day when we can better measure and describe "feelings"...)

Maybe they're just practicing good old scientific eugenics, and terminating the weak and the different.

good old scientific eugenics

Ok, so some primates amplify it with science, like Nazis and airline hijackers.

This is disgusting. That poor baby was an innocent life lost.

" I'd wager nearly 100% of those who still believe in demonic possession vote Republican."  interesting........

I would say that being republican is evidence enough of demonic possession !

Hahaha that made me laugh :)


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