"We believe in Allah, the father almighty, creator of heaven and earth," chant the faithful at Sunday Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic church in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

This, believe it or not, is what caused Malaysian police to recommend prominent Catholic priest Lawrence Andrew be charged with sedition. It was triggered by a court ruling in October 2013 that forbade Andrew's Catholic newspaper from using "Allah" because it was not "an integral part of the faith in Christianity".

Raids followed to confiscate Bibles based on a 1988 state law that restricted the use of over 30 other Arabic words and phrases to Muslims. Supporters of Muslims' exclusive right to the word Allah have justified it by saying that its use by Christians could confuse Muslims and be used to convert them to Christianity.

Christians make up about 9 percent of Malaysia's 29 million people. A federal court will hear an appeal by the Catholic Church in March 2014.

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Hi guys, this looks like another battle between religions to maintain their followers numbers . The bigger the  mob the richer one gets. The sky gods & sky demons is a very expensive business ; when there is no answers or signs from outer space, new actions have to be developed to keep the mob in fear& tamed, or the mob get's restless. The moon & Mars are the next targets for victory for these religions, & as interaction with outer space is now in progress it look's like all religions have missed the bus. Eyes Skywards fellow members .

I must have missed something somewhere. Why would Christians be praying to Allah in the first place? I will have to re-read this when I have more time. My initial thoughts are wtf!?

Allah is the word in Malay and Arabic that literally means 'the God'. The objection is rooted in the idea that it actually means 'the God (of Islam)': Muslims are claiming exclusive rights to 'the God'. The indignation runs deep: arsonists to firebombed several churches in 2010 after the courts initially ruled Catholics could use the word.

It doesn't seem all that dissimilar from the way some American religious claim the United States is a "Christian" nation and probably think of the national motto as meaning: "In (the) God (of Christianity) We Trust". Which is, of course, exactly the unconstitutional meaning it was intended to have.

So can I object that the Catholics are praying to Mary who is not God? You can pray to Mary, but not to Allah. There's a difference! I'm surprised they haven't banned praying to Mary because she is a woman.

Mary, as the highest ranked saint, has been up for a promotion to "coredemptrix" since at least 1996 as her 5th official Catholic dogma. But alas, she keeps getting passed over.

Is it just me or is Islam just making shit up as they go along?

They're all just making shit up as they go along. For a while the Vatican was testing the new narrative of Jesus and Mary each carrying one end of the redemption log. But they decided, at least for now, that when it comes to redemption, Jesus did all the heavy lifting.

All this time I thought Allah was Mr. Akbar's first name. :)


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