David Wilkerson has been prophesying since 1992 that something big, bad, and scary was going to happen in New York. Surprisingly, after nine-eleven he said that wasn't it.

He renews his urgings of catastrophe every few years, and recently did so again in his blog.

Claims to prophesy drive me nuts. How can christianity condemn seuth sayers and fortune tellers; but then bank so much on prophesy?

And if you really were getting predictions from god, why so vague and riddled that the predictions could be missed, misinterpreted, or made to fit situations after the fact? Why not be direct and precise?

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A lot of prophesy involves the "End of the world" scenario and christians just love that, after all thats when they finally get to live right? Lol, I should become a prophet, I bet I could milk a lot of them for a bunch of cash with my intricately woven prophecies of the end times :) Lol
Why not be direct and precise?

What's the fun in that? Then the doomsday-ists couldn't run around pointing at the sky saying "here it comes!" day after day. God wanted his followers to seem crazy, apparently.


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