A few years back scientists were able to find a way to extract the green fluorescent protein (GFP) from a jellyfish. They won the Nobel Prize in chemistry, and the result since has been that they’ve been able to make all KINDS of things fluorescent. Yes they really do glow...check this out... Everything from bacteria growing inside artwork, to monkeys, frogs…you name it, it can become fluorescent.

So I’m curious first of all if you all were aware of this? I wasn’t until today…If you could make something fluorescent what would it be? If this was patented into a product that you could buy and then make whatever you want glow what would it be…and yes I do mean ANYTHING….use your imagination…

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I imagine there would be enough glow to illuminate the whole page ....

My bio prof told us that it's routine to splice in that sequence for phosphorescence into any gmo animal just in case the lab loses track of the animal for some unforeseen reason. Not sure if that is true but it makes me smile to think about.

I would like glow in the dark carpet. Never trip in the dark again. Coffee table--you are no match for my shins!

The tongues of liars :-)


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