Magician Wayne Houchin was deliberately set on fire by the host of a TV show in the Dominican Republic. The host said he was going to give Wayne a blessing, set some Water de Florida cologne on fire and poured it on Wayne's head. Wayne suffered severe burns on his head, neck, face and left hand. The host did what he did because he believed that Wayne was practicing voodoo and the black arts.A guy who entertains people doing tricks was set on fir for doing evil magic.The ignorance and stupidity in the world sometimes astounds me. That people will do things like this, and far worse, because of their belief in nonsense just makes me so angry.

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You really think that religion is responsible for 911? That 19 hijackers, half of whom allegedly perished but have been proven to be alive, used box cutters to hijack 4 planes that there is no record of them being seated at, and one of those planes still exists and was reported to have safely landed in Ohio? On a day when all the protection was told not to respond to while being sent on an exercise to just such an attack that the day after no one could have imagined, though it was suggested decades earlier and in order to start a war?

Really? Is there really anyone still that stupid?

You're off your meds again, aren't you David?

I should probably stop doing coin tricks at the liquor store I work at.

 It's good for everyone to understand a bit about "magic". The main thing to know is that it's not at all what people usually think of as "magic".

That's on a par with the exorcism I witnessed on the boob tube the other nite. A guy in the southwest  U.S. somewhere had an uncontrollable sexual obsession. His preacher gathered up a trained flock of five virgin female teenage church members to assist him in the extrication of said demon/devil. While somewhat comical from my point of view it was also sobering that these girls were completely absorbed in this ritual.  

Was this some scared straight program?

Please post this here, I am short 1 laugh this week!

What I find comical, in a tragic, pathetic sort of way, is that theists will steadfastly affirm that god and Jesus and Satan exist, are real, and play an active part in our daily lives, yet when some poor, psychotic slob kills 14 people because he thinks the devil made him do it, those same theists will lock him away for his delusions - delusions that they themselves have sworn they share.

But we should respect other cultures such as those of the Dominican Republic and Haiti with its voodoo and whatnot. Where is your respect? Those ancient rich traditions such as burning children alive for witchcraft need to be kept alive in the name of multiculturalism. And if you don't agree then you are a racist and a fascist, and um, a dirty atheist. 

No, I think we should shoot 'em all and let god sort it out.

Why not let god sort it out and spare yourself the bullets?

Hmmm….I suppose that’s what people who worship false gods get up to. If only they believed in the one true god they would not be so bat shit crazy. If not could it be that extreme poverty in a land of violence and corruption is behind it? The cure is Education. Without it we would still be burning witches too.

People who seem little bothered by The Crusades, The Inquisition, the Native American genocide, etc. (i.e., Christians) would hardly be shamed by a small incident like this.  The Abrahamic religions are anti-human - immoral - to their core.  

This is taking baptism a bit too far. 


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