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Devil's Advocate question time!! .......If EVERYTHING that happens is according to "G"s plan....Why do people get angry with the outcomes of everything!!?? Hmmmmmmmm......(I must have over-looked the fine print somewhere).... If you get angry at the outcome...and you believe there is a "plan"...and it is God's will...Wouldn't you essentially be mad at God?? And doesn't he get super pissed about you not being happy with his game-plan???

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That's what he does! That's ALL he does! You can't stop him!

Kyle Reese in Terminator.

This just in:

Tell Your Senator: No Federal Funding to Build Churches!

church, state, and money

Last Thursday, the most egregious disregard for the separation of church and state we've seen yet was introduced in the US Senate. Senate Bill 1274 proposes drastic and dangerous changes to make religious buildings eligible to receive federal relief money. If it passes, your taxpayer dollars can directly fund the brick and mortar building of churches, synagogues, and mosques, buildings that exist solely to provide religious services.
We need your help to remind our Senators that one of the longest standing principles of our country is that no citizen should be required to fund any religions with which they disagree.
Every federally funded brick used to rebuild  houses of worship is a brick taken out of the wall of separation between church and state! A similar bill already passed the House. The Senate must stand as a voice of reason and defender of the Constitution.

Ask your Senator to vote NO on S.1274!

Oops - did I just hijack the thread? BAD proto-bird! Bad, bad, bad --*>:) devil

Bob has a propensity, that when a question gets too hard, he either deflects the question, ducks and weaves, and starts esoteric conversation, which to me is just bad manners. So the only way, well, that is actually very doubtful, but I am going to give it a go, to get my friend Bob to answer some questions on catholicism, Bob's area of expertise.

1. Why did you choose catholicism over all other religions?

2. Do you follow the decrees made by the Vatican?

3. Do you agree or disagree with contraception being available to those who would choose to use contraception, if they had access?

4. How do you choose which parts of the bible to follow, and not follow.

5. Is purgatory in or out, these days.

I am curious as to what a practicing catholic actually follows these days.

I agree, it can be a problem, certainly for individuals. I think that's true of any discipline, though.

Another deflect, Bob. Keep to you religion, 'cause the last time I looked, you are not just a christian but a catholic. I personally don't care what people revere as their savior, or who or what they pray to, the book that my friend Bob follows, is the bible, and the bible is the main reason I am not a catholic anymore, but an Atheist.

And to this very day, I am still learning about the evil that is religion, but especially the catholic church.

The following is an interesting read, which I know Bob will not read, he doesn't want to know what exactly is happening in the catholic religion. Bubble Man - Klonk - If anybody else wants to know how corrupt and unethical the catholic church is, the following is just one example.


The history of the catholic church is yet another reason - Mussolini making it a State with full sovereignty through the Lateran Treaty - the welcoming of Mein Kampf - the fact that adults do not protect the most vulnerable of humans - children. This is just my short list.

We have quacks and the unscrupulous -

And catholicism is filled to the brim with them.

There are people who aren't willing to put in the effort to really learn and who therefore settle on some meaningless feel-good pablum. 

Now, where is Strega's photo of the nail and the hammer -

@Suzanne - :)

@Strega - Thank you - that is the only thing my friend Bob takes any notice of - really big pictures :)

@archy - I think it quite strange that a catholic cannot answer just one, question about his catholicism. He falls down, (also because he has a dodgy spine), as other run of the mill theists do. I thought this bloke might have been a smidgin better, as he is wont to point out, how much he knows about science, and that he is not just a teacher but a Professor, but apparently not :(

Don't you guys have a word for it? "Dodgy"?

@archy - duck and weave, drop bits out that he doesn't like, obfuscate, completely ignore, mix a bit of science in there to distract, and yep, dodgy.

See? I TOLD you I was learning Australian!! Tell them what "furfy" means - or did I spell it wrong?


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