I just asked this question on my Facebook page...

Devil's Advocate question time!! .......If EVERYTHING that happens is according to "G"s plan....Why do people get angry with the outcomes of everything!!?? Hmmmmmmmm......(I must have over-looked the fine print somewhere).... If you get angry at the outcome...and you believe there is a "plan"...and it is God's will...Wouldn't you essentially be mad at God?? And doesn't he get super pissed about you not being happy with his game-plan???

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How did it go on the Facebook page?

This is of course related to the issue of people thanking god for saving one person from a huge calamity... while ignoring the issue of why god didn't save the other 99+%... or maybe prevent the calamity from happening in the first place.

People like blaming me for everything, and they wonder why there are"natural" disasters..

Hoi! Yahweh!  Get back to work!  There are football games to be won and keys to be found.  Enough with the coffee breaks already.

Ah Thank GOD Strega showed up to remind him of his duties.


(I count at least three different thing ironic in that reply...)

Now bug out your eyes, adjust your tie, and say, "I don't get no respect!"

' What ever happens--GOD DID IT!'

What an excape card to play!

@Bob - don't waste energy getting angry at something that doesn't exist - be sad when a catastrophe happens, then try to help, if you can.

It seems god picks and chooses when he will intervene - a fire wipes out houses and people, that was god's plan, who are we to question. One person survives, that is a miracle, praise be the lord. It is not in the christian paradigm to question, what they think, is gods plan, that is how they justify catastrophe, that is why they can't be seen to question a trauma - it might actually put doubt in their mind, if they really start questioning their belief system. Klonk.

I've thrown that same type of thing at many theists. Much to their distaste. Like I actually care if they like it or not.

I can only assume you refer to the Judeo/Christian/Islamic god, Yahweh (or Amurru, as he was known before he met Moses) - if you have a minute, or 43, take a look at another culture, and the lengths to which they went to appease their god, even to the extent of cutting the hearts out of children:

@x- Prof. Bob has been around for a while now. He is supposed to be educated. He came onto this site as a catholic. If he had said he was christian, I wouldn't have bothered with him, but being catholic, he is my sport.

He is trying to paint himself as a good catholic - not while the vatican harbors criminals, and not while the vatican is hypocritical about gays in their hierarchical ranks. The average catholic is ashamed about what is going on within the catholic hierarchy, and supporting victims of pedophilia, not our Bob, he just keeps on repeating, it is happening all over the world, in other groups like Boy Scouts, and changes the subject. Look, look, over there. - Pathetic.

Ireland is the only country who has told the vatican to sod off, and now has legalised abortion when the mothers life is in danger. That is what happens when catholicism loses it's power.

He is persistent, and is the Master of Deflection, starting inane conversations, putting up silly surveys on 'What sort of Atheist are You - which shows you how much he knows about Atheists :)

If you ask him a question, any question, about catholicism, he deflects, and thinks nobody will notice :) He will not answer. Funny that.

archy was just trying to let you know, we have been watching this bloke deflect, duck and weave for some time now - and we now his modus operandi -

Between having Bob on board, coupled with the bible, strengthens my attitude to christians but especially catholics. :)

RE: "not our Bob, he just keeps on repeating" - just imagine the Energizer Bunny, that just keeps going, and going, and going - however, after four hours, I would suggest he call a doctor.

RE: "archy was just trying to let you know, we have been watching this bloke deflect, duck and weave for some time now -" - Mohammed Ali used to call it, "Rope-a-dope"!


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