Louisiana School Boards Declare War On Science. Creationism curriculum coming soon?

Louisiana schools may start teaching The Creationist Myth as science as early as next year some may be doing it already..

Just a few years after Kitzmiller Vs. Dover Area School District

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people seem to not understand...the constitution says that there shall be no established religion....if you teach a creation story..it has to come from a religion that has one..which Christianity does. not all religions have one which means they are IN FACT establishing religious doctrine.

The only way to get past this is to teach every single creation story ever invented!

It drives me nuts. These people are conservative Christians...Why is it that Liberals are trying to go back to the constitution, but conservatives are trying to make it fit their beliefs? it's a little bit backwards...the point of conservative is to keep things the way they are. which is what the constitution tells us...the first amendment hasn't been altered..

Liberal is the new conservative...
Has any other public school district actually taught “creationism”? Has it ever occurred? If so….what exactly did they teach?
Aren't these the same people that bitch about all of our jobs being outsourced?
Really, are they trying to make it totally impossible for their children to EVER find work?!
What about getting into a proper university?
I know if I was a school or employer, I wouldn't take on anyone from a school that actually gave credits for talking-snake-theory.
unfortunately, employers might endorse the idea.
Unfortunately, Misty, the U.S. is still too religious. Christianity is still a point in your favor: despite the fact that employers aren't supposed to discriminate based on religion. By and large, it's the atheist that's frowned upon -- not the Christians.
If my country ever allowed this sort of shenannigans in public schools I'd be yanking my boy out of school faster than you can say "Creationism ISN'T science!"
I'm moving to New Zealand, screw this! lol
ah hell. Really? Gotta love my state. They take the cake for self destructive behavior. I guess I need to read up on this.
Did you ever read that some public schools in Louisiana wanted to return to segregated schools?
The school board must feel secure in their majority. But democracy isn't just about the majority. I'm sure the courts will end up reminding them of the constitution . . . eventually.
Doubtful in Louisiana. I live here and can remember going to school. when we got to science class our teacher was a christian and while he taught the theories of evolution he also taught the creation theory, the intelligent design theory and any other theories that were present. I think it is a good practice to tell children about each theory and explain why they think this theory is right or wrong based on evidence.

It is up to the school board, which is run by parents, to decide what to teach in regards to what the parents want their child to learn about. We as atheist dont need to fight to take out opposing creation theories but we need to fight to make sure all the children know of evolution. So instead of crying about what form of creation theory schools teach we need to speak out against schools choosing one over the other and fight to make them teach them all and let the children decide. This would of course hopefully point them into the most reliable creation account, which is evolution.

We have to be the voice of reason not just another voice complaining that they aren't teaching my beliefs over the religious ones.

Does the constitution really say anything about what to teach in schools at all?


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