Hi, I'm Anjo Bautista. I'm 18, from the Philippines an atheist and lost.

I have been an atheist for 4 years now. But not long ago, very late I guess, I lost my sense of purpose.

Purpose implies the existence of a designer and since there are no or at least no known designer, there is no purpose. and that's making me lost.

So my big question now is "What am I suppose to do?"

You may advice the following:

Help other people

Do as you like (or follow you desires)

Do what you think is right (Perspective)

If you do advice any of the above, please tell me why.

A man once told me to set a goal but my answer was "Goals depend on one's desires, Desires depend on one's character. Character depends on the history of growth. If I do that then I'll just become a common man created by this mundane world. and that does not show worth (it's not about pride)."

Was my answer wrong? I don't like to sound pathetic but as long as I don't come up with an answer, then I'll be lazy as crap all through my life and sadly, that is not exaggerated.

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When I used to be a Christian, this is one of the things I struggled with the most. Believers like to say that God gives purpose and meaning to their life. I prayed for years and years for that special "calling" as they always referred to it, but I never had one. That desire for purpose was where I began to start walking on my own. At the time, I thought I was walking towards God, turns out I wasn't!

The way I created my purpose for my life was by first understanding who I was. Who is Hawk? What kind of person did I want to be? What did I want to accomplish? Where did I see myself if 10, 20, 40 years from now? These create the details and the specific purpose for me. I strive to achieve the things I'd like to in life. I keep moving forward to create a life that is mine. Some of these milestones are sequential while others can be worked towards simultaneously.

The one goal that underlies all of that is to lead a full, healthy, happy life. Like Stephen said, in the end what we do doesn't matter at the scale of even thousands of years. All is eventually forgotten, so reaching these goals isn't as important as getting to them by the best route. That route may not even get me there, but at least I've lived well.


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