I have often wondered about the many diverse paths that lead people to arrive at the conclusion that there is no God, and how they felt at the realisation that they were in fact an atheist.

I assume there is a huge majority of atheists that were brought up religious (labelled a religion by your parents with no say in the matter) - but how people get from A (religious) to B (atheist), is something which I find quite intruiging.

For me, it was a gradual process. When I sat down and really though about it, things just didnt add up. When I opened my mind to reason and critical thinking in terms of religion and the bible, I quickly saw more and more the huge fallacies and nonsense that exist in all religion, and the detrimental effects it has had (and is still having) on the world. For this reason I felt I could no longer be apart of such a nonsensical and destructive force.

I would love to hear from other people, how the arrived at being atheist and their thoughts on "loosing ones faith".


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Hi Danny,


If you look at people's bios on this sight you will get a really good idea.


For me personally, I was born and raised jewish, until because of health reasons, I never had a bar mitzvah. But before that, and for as long as I remember, I never really got into it. It never gave me meaning. So I searched, and searched, and searched, and read and studied, and ended up here.


Glad you joined us and I look forward to seeing you in other discussions and forums!


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