Looking forward to making some friends...and maybe a little venting too :-)

Born and raised atheist ..my parents were the ones who "converted"

But when we moved back to the united states, my Catholic grandmother made my brothers and I go to catholic school and go through all the sacraments.  So I have some basic understanding of the Roman Catholic Church.

Anyway, I'm tired of feeling like an outcast..and am hoping to make some friends here.  So HI! :-)

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thanks nelson.  love the pic.  and the Russell quote.  sometimes i think all Bertrand Russell ever did was write!

Thanks Gretchen!

It's funny but at first I did not really know any better.....but today....I really do consider myself lucky!  Luckier still that my parents did not preach against relegion, they just never really mentioned that there was such a thing as religion...just answered my questions as best they could (scientifically) and let me figure out the rest.

Do you come from a religious family?

Am going to try and figure out how to friend you...:-)

Welcome Edward!

There is a lot of good talks and very intellectual people here from all walks of life. I'm glad I joined and you will be too!

As for me I was born into the Roman Catholic faith (Catholic grade school and high school) and received the sacraments up to confirmation.

I don't know any other Atheists (only a few wishy washy agnostics) so I understand what you mean when you say outcast.

Hi Kyle ..nice to meet you
I spent four years at a roman catholic elementary school. It was pretty much a nightmare ..

Well you know one now...:)
Hi kir-

Thanks for the greeting. Plenty of venting to come.....:)

   I was forced to go to Lutheran Vacation Bible School when I was around 12.  I was the star pupil, because I was the only kid in the class who could recite all the books of the Bible in order from memory.  The teacher was very proud of me and awarded me a fancy certificate.  If he only knew how I would go home and tell my parents how idiotic I thought were the things I was being told.  They subsequently not only stopped making me go to that school, but never again brought up the subject of religion.

Hi dale-

That's interesting... Why did they force you to go in the first place?


welcome Edward hope to see you on the chat sometimes

Hi Christopher ..I am sure you will..still getting my bearings...thanks for saying hi

Hi Edward, Welcome to Think Atheist. Vent away.

Thank you so much Kir. I very much appreciate your invite, but I always stay home on New Years. Perhaps another time. Happy Holidays!

Hi flower- thanks for saying hello :)


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