As the title implies, I am looking to buy a study Bible. I used to have a copy of the Catholic Bible, but it was lost somewhere in the seventeen times that I have moved in the past few years. (I exaggerate, but still...I feel like a migratory bird sometimes.) I want something that has detailed sidenotes with historical references, preferably with wide margins for taking notes. Also, I am hoping for something off of Amazon because objective religious material does not exist in local bookstores.

Any suggestions?

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For a non biased text read I would recommend Young's Literal Translation that is available free online along with practically every other Bible at I can't vouch for their commentaries. I never used them since I presume they are corrupted by dogma and Trinitarianism.
Thanks again for all the suggestions! I've been poking around links this morning, and I think I'm narrowing it down to one of the Oxford Bibles (Annotated or Study) for an actual hard copy of the text.
Even though it's just the first five books, you may also want to consider a torah. Some of them have extensive commentaries that are way better than what you will find in a christian bible.

Plus, intolerance, murder, misogyny, homophobia, child abuse, genocide, justification of slavery, and all the mythology you could ever want in just five wonderful books.

It probably won't help when arguing with christians since they ignore any part of the "old testament" that they don't like. "Just because we no longer stone disobedient children doesn't mean we can simply ignore the passages that condemn homosexuality."

If you don't want to spend a lot of money, the Skeptics Annotated Bible is also a good choice. It is especially handy when you are debating people online and need a quick verse.
For finding Bible passages there is Has a mobile version in case I need to find a quote from the book when I'm away from the house ;)
I ended up ordering a copy of the Oxford Annotated Bible off of Unfortunately, I have been working down my reading list very slowly and have yet to read any sizeable portion. I hope to give most of the book a read before school starts this August.
Thanks! :) I just need a good afternoon or two to waste on fantasy literature, lol.


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