On out of body experiences.

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the only person I know who claimed to have experienced this, also beleived at one point that she could raise the dead. She's quite crazy, and these two examples are not even taken into consideration when I make that assumption.
Dr. Michael Persinger has probably done the most extensive work on it (testing for right temporal lobe epileptic susceptibility) using transcranial magnetic stimulation and Dr. Andrew Newberg has observed activity (well, actually inactivity) in the orientation association areas of the brain. I'm pretty sure you can find some introductory stuff about both of them on youtube. Newberg has written a few good books on his research about brains on spiritualism.
Thank you

Not your typical OBE here, but still very enlightening. You can start at around 14-1/2 minutes for explicit details, but the whole video's great.


(Off-topic edit: And it just occurred to me that perhaps anti-psychiatrist/anti-psychotropic Scientologists should take note of these experiences too. Chemical/physical things do happen in the brain that can be treated by physical/chemical means. Sure, psychotropics can be abused. But too much mind-over-matter mumbo jumbo can lead to unnecessary misery, or even death. Right, John Travolta?)


Not sure what I was expecting lol but the video was very interesting.  I wonder how many people who experience OBE feel like she explained?  I am really looking for a scientific explanation for how/why they occur.

This is because of a conversation my dear mom were having.  I told her that even though I don't have ALL the answers, I do believe there is a rational, scientific explanation for the supernatural occurrences people experience.  She is upset because I do not believe in a soul.   She claims that when she was having a surgery she died for 3 minutes on the table.  During those 3 minutes, she had an OBE, which PROVES to her there is a soul. So I say, good for you, but I don't buy it.  So she asks how ELSE could I explain it.

So I have started with the fact that there were no brain monitors hooked up to her.  Yes, her heart could have stopped, but we know that people can be brought back with CPR and defib.  The brain (as far as I know) can survive with little to no long term damage for as long as 7 minutes after the heart stops.   So I am wondering what goes on in the brain when there is no heart beat.  I would assume hallucinations, which seem more likely to me than a true OBE. 

Besides it being highly offensive to call someone crazy, she will bring up the question: If there is no soul, how can people who are technically dead be brought back to life and be able to tell the Drs exactly what was being done to them?  I am not so sure a simple hallucination works for this scenario.

This kind of information is what I am really after, I think.

Perhaps the only way to empirically disprove an OBE to a believer would be to compare details from the experience with a recording of what actually happened. It's probably not practical, right?

Of course I believe it's a delusion, but a trained counselor wouldn't say that directly to a patient, at first. If that happened to my mother, I probably wouldn't try to change her mind, but learn from it. I used to wonder if the common "light at end of tunnel" experience was just a recall of being born, but now I doubt that such a memory is neurologically possible.

I think the record for heart stoppage without significant brain damage is about an hour now? A snow skier in Scandanavia, or similar. Her body and brain cooled down immediately, and had to be warmed and revived slowly. The meaning of "Technically Dead" is evolving.

If no one (including myself) can provide immediately relevant links, this might be a start. (Wow, that's a lot of scholarly links!)

The light at the end of the tunnel is really easy. Tunnel vision is a very common experience (I have experienced it myself a couple times) and there is nothing supernatural about it.
Interesting. Do you know the cause, in your case? I know it can be caused by abnormally high levels of CO2.
I do. In my case, it was caused by being so foolish as to go to my karate class without having eaten anything that day, combined with a particularly grueling workout.

These sort of experiences can be created through meditation.  I study piano / music and if I feel up to it , I can create the same experience.  It absolutely drains me of everything I have inside of my body and mind.  Basically what happens is I continue breathing in the same perfect rhythm ... absolutely perfect rhythm.  A roundness is needed in the breathing.  I continue focusing on the sound I am creating.  Focusing deeply and intensely on the sound and forgetting everything else in the world.  Then once you continue with this process you need to begin to relax every inch of your body.  It's essentially putting yourself in a trance like a hypnotist.  If you understand the process and you believe it can happen it will happen.  (that is the most important part because if you don't believe it's possible your body and mind will resist it) 


I have achieved it three times in my life - It wasn't some sort of random experience.  It was absolutely self induced and a was aware the entire time - Until at the very end a different self sort of takes over and you become one with your surrounding.  


I imagine now after hearing her lecture , I am disconnecting my left side and forgetting about all language , all thoughts , all memories and just focusing all my energy on the moment of sound and breathing.  Thus achieving a connection with the right side.  I never thought it was anything supernatural.  I suspect anyone can achieve it if they are trained properly.  


Sam Harris I am sure has achieved the same results as I have which is why he continues to use the term 'spirituality' - That is a good word for it.  

Oh Oh, me too!!! Looking for info for a thing I was trying to write a while back.

I heard this story of a soldier fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan, who upon dying on the operating table, following being blown up or shot, described the sensations of feeling his body shut down and not of any big white light, feelings of love or Jesus beckoning him etc. you've heard them all before.

I've been looking for any information on him for ages, I have a feeling he wrote a book, which went down like a lead-balloon in the US, but I'm not entirely sure.

If anyone can help or point me in the right direction, it will be much appreciated.


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