Looking for an Arabic speaking atheist to help me with a bit of translation....?

!السلام عليكم يا كفار 

I'm writing a short essay in Arabic on Carl Sagan's excellent book, "Cosmos"-I'd really like a native Arabic speaker with good writing skills to read over it and help me polish up the language... Any help would be greatly appreciated :)



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I shall ask someone for you who has done similar for me a few years back. I was learning some Classical Arabic today from an Iraqi atheist. He might help too.

That would be great, thanks

If you had to....another option?

Must they be atheist? Simply not being atheist shouldn't cast doubt on their translation ability.

I see you live in London. You could go to a local Mosque and ask there or maybe in a local Poly? I was in the Central London Mosque a few times and it was very social even during Desert Storm!! That is what I have done in the past to verify the wording of some of my tattoos and they were correctly translated and I was given some help with the lettering too. My latest one reads "I am Raif Badawi" which the Iraqi atheist I mentioned above was amazed to see on my (Irish) arm :-)

I read and write Arabic and it's my degree subject. I really just wanted a native speaker to proofread my essay... obviously I'm not going to pay a translation agency or walk into a mosque-

And yes they would have to be atheist because the subject matter of the essay is not something a Muslim or Arab Christian would want to help me write about.  

Anyway, it's a bit late now as I've handed it in- thanks though...?

Ok, best of luck with it. I often get my atheist work translated in the kitchen of the local Mosque. They are never bothered by the content and it often leads to interesting debates.


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