Okay I now that this is going to seem kind of strange.

My name is  Doug. I am a former atheist who is now a Bible thumping Jesus Freak. I am also a former journalist and currently run a facebook community for Christians.

Tomorrow I want to start a thread called "Ask the Atheist" where believers can engage with non-believers. This is not- IS NOT- an effort to try and convert anyone. Instead it's about building a community where people can talk about issues from every different perspective. The thread will go up around 10 am EST on Facebook...

The thing is I just need one Atheist to answer the questions. I suspect they will be along the line of : did you attend church as kid, are your parents religious, when did you tell them about your doubt, how have your encounters with Christians been- do they rub you the wrong way, or they always trying shove God down your throat.

I personally only know a few members of our on line community. But all of them have been very respectful. So if you are free (can be in front of a computer) tomorrow mid morning please let me know.




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But then how did the first life start - the question only "answers" the second start of life, not the first.  The answer often given is that their god (I am referring to abrahamics) always existed..."but then you've not answered the question...silly boy!"

Does that question translate to "What created god?"

Here is the answer.

There is probably a lot of stuff out there greater than us. We only assert that the idea of "god" is false.
As for the second part of the question; if god started life, where did god come from? And I will not accept the "He is eternal and was always there" crap because that is the same as saying that something came from nothing. The big bang did not come from nothing, we simply don't know what happened before it.

The reason we do not believe is because there is overwhelming evidence in favor of the world existing just fine without the need for a god, and very little evidence for the validity of any god or any holy scripture.

I am generally a friendly atheist, I don't hold grudges against those that follow their own belief as long as they leave me be and I enjoy debating reasonable people about religion.

That being said, the chances of finding reasonable religious people is highly unlikely, especially on a site like Facebook. I don't see this working out well. You may have a few who respectfully ask questions and then the rest will attack and threaten, even if they do so passively. Even those that engage properly with said atheist will eventually turn nasty when aspects that they hold their entire faith on are held to question. People get angry when they hear what they don't want to.

So far, only like 6 posts, nobody has been rude or pushy. 

6 posts you say?

Are you the atheist taking part? I wish you luck my friend and I hope no one threatens you as I suspect will happen.

Yes, me to some extent, and about 1200. 

I glanced at the thread.

The guy who asked the first question seems to be slowly rolling into a sermon.
"no explanation for God for me...to me he was ..is...and always will be...i walked many paths of religion and i am born again 5 yrs..." and so on.

Just from his first response it is clear he, and I don't know how many others are more than willing to settle for GODDIDIT.

If they plan to bring evidence to the conversation, I will gladly participate, but if we are going to stick to faith and feeling... no thank you.

well it looks like it was more of a flop. the questions really didn't come. But I want to than Josiah for going on the site and interacting with us

Frankly I suspect you and Josiah go back a lot further than this - I know a tag team when I see one.

Try Atheist Universe, they might be a little more gullible over there --

Isn't there an Atheist Facebook site you could link yours to, so that you can all interface in a Facebook way?  (the grammar and spelling on Facebook makes me wince).  If you cant find one easily, try searching for "Ifuckinglovescience" because that is certainly one of the very few Facebook pages I enjoy, and it is nice and godless.



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