Okay I now that this is going to seem kind of strange.

My name is  Doug. I am a former atheist who is now a Bible thumping Jesus Freak. I am also a former journalist and currently run a facebook community for Christians.

Tomorrow I want to start a thread called "Ask the Atheist" where believers can engage with non-believers. This is not- IS NOT- an effort to try and convert anyone. Instead it's about building a community where people can talk about issues from every different perspective. The thread will go up around 10 am EST on Facebook...

The thing is I just need one Atheist to answer the questions. I suspect they will be along the line of : did you attend church as kid, are your parents religious, when did you tell them about your doubt, how have your encounters with Christians been- do they rub you the wrong way, or they always trying shove God down your throat.

I personally only know a few members of our on line community. But all of them have been very respectful. So if you are free (can be in front of a computer) tomorrow mid morning please let me know.




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Strega is right, "I Fucking Love Science" or "Global Secular Humanist Movement" would both provide you with a good number of atheists to talk to on Facebook.

Or you can also try "The Thinking Atheist" or the "Richard Dawkins Foundation"

There are plenty of Facebook related places you can try this on that might work better than it did here. A quick search can provide you with the info needed, but I hope the ones we posted are a good start for you.

He could create a whole new FB page, called 'Theist-Atheist Dialogues'. If they can't talk with each other directly it could be turned into Monologues. Think 'Vagina Monologues', for Theists and Atheists. LOL

Thanks for trying to build some bridges. Neat idea, I would have been interested is what the dialogue would have looked like. 

Yeah it is a good idea in theory, I've just seen something like this been tried before and it didn't work out well. Hence my skepticism. 

My first response was "Oh, not another. What is this? some sort of 'Ex-Atheist Of The Week'" thing?

Now I think I've figured you out. We're helping you with a term paper, right?

If you're not trying to convert us, you're not a very good Christian. Christianity is an evangelical religion. You're SUPPOSED to try to convert us!

I think BattyMan and Boobin have left the building - things didn't turn out quite like they'd hoped.

Wait, wait, which one am I?

You're almost intelligent enough to figure that out for yourself --

And you still haven't revealed my secret agenda which I remain curious about. 

I guess I can play.

“can something be brought into life if life wasn't there to start the ball rolling so to speak?"

Whether this is in reference to the origin of human life, or the origin of the universe, the answer is the same.  While science cannot yet provide an answer to these questions, that does not make an all pervasive, invisible sky daddy a credible answer in any way.  It is better to live with a degree of ambiguity, than to live in fantasy.

I also note that it is interesting that a complete answer is required for the origin of the universe, yet no such requirement is made for whatever god is posited as that origin.  Special pleading isn’t just a logical fallacy, it is an exercise in hypocrisy.

“can something be brought into life if life wasn't there to start the ball rolling so to speak?"


In that case we should have pointed out that God didn't create life, it existed forever. 

At any rate, it's kind of like "Can you make a pie if there wasn't pie to start with?" Once you realize that "life" isn't magic, it's just a rare state that can happen given the presence of certain antecedent conditions and circumstances. But given those conditions and circumstances, it's as inevitable as water turning to ice given certain conditions and circumstances.

@Milos Cakovan - Yep, jesus was a ghost at some stage - man's imagination knows no bounds.


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