Okay I now that this is going to seem kind of strange.

My name is  Doug. I am a former atheist who is now a Bible thumping Jesus Freak. I am also a former journalist and currently run a facebook community for Christians.

Tomorrow I want to start a thread called "Ask the Atheist" where believers can engage with non-believers. This is not- IS NOT- an effort to try and convert anyone. Instead it's about building a community where people can talk about issues from every different perspective. The thread will go up around 10 am EST on Facebook...

The thing is I just need one Atheist to answer the questions. I suspect they will be along the line of : did you attend church as kid, are your parents religious, when did you tell them about your doubt, how have your encounters with Christians been- do they rub you the wrong way, or they always trying shove God down your throat.

I personally only know a few members of our on line community. But all of them have been very respectful. So if you are free (can be in front of a computer) tomorrow mid morning please let me know.




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I used the term "considered atheist" meaning how you were an atheist, not how others considered you.  I am sure there are some who consider me a good man and others a bad man, some consider me intelligent and others a moron, but their opinions are no proof of who I am or my capabilities.

An atheist can simply be someone who's never thought about it, or a someone who understands there is no god or gods and why. The former could be indoctrinated, the latter cannot.

So from what you say, you felt you weren't doing a good job of managing your life and chose the christian "philosophy".   Why that and not Buddhism, or Confuscianism..or just plain old secular philosophy??

Using the christian or other religions path in life is not necessarily bad as long as you don't go spreading the lies, but it's unnecessary.

And you don't describe how you came to believe in the impossible...the supernatural beings.  You are saying that you came to believe in something that as an atheist, you would have known to be a fantasy.

And the process you describe...why would you follow a process to believe unless you believed already...your response makes no sense to me at all.

This is my question, as it is with most theists. How can you justify skipping the old testament - god is jesus, jesus is god, and depending which brand of religion one follows, there is also a ghost thrown in. Yet again, cherry picking, and that doesn't work for me.

Did you say ghost?

The edit button isn't working -

@Blaine - exactly, doug, you have been there, done that, if you were an Atheist, why were you an Atheist?

Do you think they would be shocked if Yahweh appeared in the chat?

@doug wahl - If you don't believe and obey 100% of the bible, how can you, in all conscience follow any of it?

Because some of it is just basic decent advice? I mean really, I don't believe any of the god stuff in there but whats wrong with following good advice like, be nice to your neighbors or whatever?


But you can "be nice to your neighbours or whatever" without religion...religion in this context is superfluous

right on Karl

Decent advice? That's really picking and choosing even from the latest re-written version.

I have chosen to be nice to people because that's how I'm wired. I couldn't give a toss about what that book says. I say that because I don't get my morals from it. I'd have to lower myself to reading it first of all. I know I'd put it down fairly quickly though.

We don't need that book to tell us how to do what we've already figured out.

Tell me this. When you buy a new dvd player for example. It comes with a nice booklet to describe the functions of the 4 buttons on the front. Cunningly labelled play/pause, stop/eject, forward and back. Do you still read the instructions from the useless booklet?

"If you don't believe and obey 100% of the bible, how can you, in all conscience follow any of it?" 

I was responding to this comment specifically. Just because part of a book is BS doesn't make you a person of bad conscience to follow the parts that are good. I didn't mean anything beyond that. 

And the smiting of the OT, and the suffering and death of people since...miracles seem to have become a bit thin on the ground and the good people of the earth suffer every day...nice god, good god, here's a treat, now sit!


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