Okay I now that this is going to seem kind of strange.

My name is  Doug. I am a former atheist who is now a Bible thumping Jesus Freak. I am also a former journalist and currently run a facebook community for Christians.

Tomorrow I want to start a thread called "Ask the Atheist" where believers can engage with non-believers. This is not- IS NOT- an effort to try and convert anyone. Instead it's about building a community where people can talk about issues from every different perspective. The thread will go up around 10 am EST on Facebook...

The thing is I just need one Atheist to answer the questions. I suspect they will be along the line of : did you attend church as kid, are your parents religious, when did you tell them about your doubt, how have your encounters with Christians been- do they rub you the wrong way, or they always trying shove God down your throat.

I personally only know a few members of our on line community. But all of them have been very respectful. So if you are free (can be in front of a computer) tomorrow mid morning please let me know.




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Over the years Doug it has been my experience that most of the time "Bible thumping Jesus freaks"  usually don't ask such benign questions.  Generally they tend to rudely attempt to indoctrinate us by using the Bible as their crutch.  They also start asking questions about specific Bible verses and try to openly berate and belittle you and your beliefs.  I can not speak for others but I do not think you'll find what you are looking for.  Sadly most of "us" have learned not to trust most of "you"

All too often, Sarah, addicts relapse. I can see a person, addicted to Christianity, getting clean for a while before falling off the wagon again. It does make SOME sort of sense --

Hi Doug,

I haven't been active in this site (just reading the occasional thread), but I'd be happy to help.


That is kind of strange.  Why don't you simply have them sign onto TA, and start your thread here... the same way you did this one.  Your answers would be far more well rounded.

I expect I'll be about, and am always up for an interesting chat.

Hey Doug, 

I am president of the Boston Atheists, an 1100 member secular organization in Boston and count myself as pretty friendly. I was raised in the absence of religion and have never considered myself religious in the least. That being said I have a more nuanced and forgiving view of the faithful than many who agree with me about God. You can check out some of my public thinking on the subject at my blog http://metabelief.blogspot.com/

Best of luck with your efforts,


I'm a really nasty, mean typical atheist with no grounds for moral behavior. I simply will not do.

I'm rather maladjusted myself.  Awful, ain't it?

Doug, Is your thread going to be an ongoing thing where the atheist needs to constantly check a sea of questions, or will you be sent questions and select ten for the atheist to answer each week? Also, if the atheist has a blog of organization they are involved with/own, will you allow cross-promotion? I'm somewhat interested dependent on the format being as such that I could fit it into my busy schedule.

I don't participate in the egocentric Facebook world and believe a link to TA as Obfuskation suggested would be much more engaging and productive for everyone. 

We promise to remain on our leash.   :^ )

We promise to remain on our leash.   :^ )

Speak for yourself :P

Ed, we've all seen you break that leash --


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