I stopped for pizza with my son yesterday, and there was some literature on the window sill of the restaurant.  One magazine got my attention: The Real Truth.


They were in a plastic magazine stand, and each one was individually wrapped in plastic sleeves.  I could not resist.  I figured it was some kind of Jehovah's Witness' nonsense.  It was very similar, but it was from The Restored Church of God.  I don't know the history of the JWs, but they must have splintered off the same block these bunch did.  It's the same kind of rhetoric, as far as I can tell.

As I was reading it, the owner of the pizza place asked me to tell him what it was about, saying he hadn't read any of it.  He said, "Some guy came in and asked if I could put these here, but I don't know what it's about. Is it propaganda?  Let me know if you find out."

I did.  I looked online and, after finding out more, told him that in my opinion, yes, it is propaganda.  It's evangelical literature from the Restored Church of God, which seems to me to be similar to Jehovah's Witnesses."  

I imagine that if the guy was a member of either organization, he would have gone all evangelical on me, but he didn't.  He said, "Oh, well, I will tell the guy to take them away when he comes back."  I didn't know if the guy was just saying that to avoid a conflict, but I have never known an evangelical church member to shy away from such an opportunity.

My point in writing about this is that this magazine is sharp-looking and could fool a lot of folks  Its under-stated agenda took me a few minutes to sort out, and I am very skeptical of such things.  I don't even trust a lot of legitimate-looking scientific articles until I can verify the source is a source I can trust.  It can be difficult to tell sometimes. 

I feel good about saying something to the restaurant owner.  I wasn't nasty or disrespectful, but I spoke up.  Sometimes I grow weary when I think of all the religious propaganda the average American sees every day, and I want to rant.  I hope that because of what I did, one pizzeria counter will have one less magazine rack on it the next time I go there.  It is a drop in a huge bucket, but drops can be erosive over time.  I am tired of being assaulted by evangelical outreach attempts.  More importantly, I am tired of how much goes on that nobody opposes.  Granted, I am probably highly sensitive about it because of my atheism, but still,  it is everywhere.

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Hi there, as you were saying that a lot of people are being made a fool of by religious propaganda all the time night & day; it is a very good money maker without being put in jail for fraud.

My point was that I said something, anything, and let the guy come to his own conclusions.  Next time I go there, maybe I could bring a flame thrower.  That ought to work out well.  

What would you have done, Gallup?  Would you have suggested the guy throw them out and then keep throwing them out every time they came?   Would you have done that with your 10 year old son looking at you?   From my read on the pizza guy, he wouldn't have gone for that. I guess I took a kinder,gentler approach.  It was still an approach.

I regret that it did not meet your approval, but I feel alright about it.  We all have to do what will allow us to sleep at night.  


You are the one on the spot and can take a read on the pizza guy's personality and whether he'd knowingly endorse or help distribute such crap or not and how far he's willing to go.  In other words you know the context much better than those who would second-guess you.

Ok, thanks!  It is because I was chatting with the guy for a while before I asked him about the magazines that I told him what it was about.  There are plenty of times when I say nothing, after sizing up the situation and realizing it is a complete effort in futility, or would possibly be inappropriate on my part.

I think the existence and distribution of such propaganda is inappropriate, and I also wish there could be a way to effectively drain their coffers.  

Recycle them into useful baskets?  Jewelry?  Party hats!  

What I would seriously like is a world where there were no magazines like that, and the whack-job churches that create them, existed.  

Awesome - Go Girl!!

I am reminded of the time I saw a copy of Creation Magazine in a doctor's waiting room.  Again, very slickly done, like this rag is.

I simply took it with me to safeguard naive eyes, and I never saw one there again, so I think it was a random occurrence.  I don't recall if I ever actually mentioned it to the doctor, but I cannot imagine she would have been happy about the magazine being there; she's in a specialty even less able to function while denying evolution than are most of them.

There are religious groups that deliberately target waiting rooms in surgeries. I always remove them without saying anything. There is a free catholic newspaper (rag) that is left in one of my local shops. As it is free I take them all and keep putting them in the nearby recycling bin. Just doing my bit to make the world a better cleaner place. The (Muslim) shopkeeper just grins at me.

I usually take it all and toss it in the trash...it's free ain't it?

I live in the bibble belt right under the buckle, that shit is everywhere out here.

I think that it ok too.  You guys might inspire me to a life of crime...er... covert literature recycling. 

From now on if asked what I'm doing, I'm replying "Literature Recycling".  LOL

Paper reborn.

LOL, it's a miracle.


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