Short story serialized:

As some of you know, i'm in a relationship with a really nice girl. After 3 years of joy and sorrow, i decided to propose to her which she accepted.

I've mentioned some of our struggle regarding religion, which, luckily, hasn't being an issue and apparently won't be any time soon.

Thank you all for your support and there will be photos when the time comes.

Edit: Thank you for all that commented, i appreciate it.

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Thanks Doug!

Thanks Belle! I appreciate it. :)

Wishing you the best, hoping you have happiness!

Happy wishes, Cesar! 

We don't have a date yet. I also want to do damage control. Her mother and sisters want a fairy tail wedding, my fiance wants a fairy tail honey moon. I'm not rich.

Yes, but one of the first things her father said was he wasn't going to spend any money. I have no idea what the girls have being talking but, by the sound of my girlfriend, is very off of her idea. However, she wants to spend her honey in one of the most expensive hotels in one of the most exclusive locations in the Caribbean, Punta Cana. The package that interest her cost almost US$2300. That's almost a year of my salary. She wants this so much, that her idea for the wedding is to go to the Oficialia and sign the marriage certificate. I just want to celebrate the occasion. There are many beautiful places here.

Congrats man!


Congrats Cesar!

I would not rely on luck to keep your impending marriage on a solid footing. You need to have a very good understanding of one another's religious positions and be comfortable with that. Especially important if you plan to have offspring and agree on how they will be raised. It's something to not sweep under the carpet for now.

Thanks for the advice Ed. I have always like your post.

I don't worry about it anymore, we understand each other position and focus on accepting one another than changing one another.

Plus she has become less religious over time. She has become very dissatisfied with all the churches she has interacted with (hypocrisy and money grabbing, the recent pedophilia scandal may have also helped) and accepted that being religious isn't indicative of good intentions/behaviors. Not that she was a church goer to begin with. All that by herself.


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