So as a student I've always been fascinated with the idea of creating an ethics with as little subjectivity as possible and as much objectivity as possible - partly because I want to work in artificial intelligence research and creating an ethical structure that a computer can understand would be quite helpful for the future.  As such, here are a few bits I have so far that I'd like feedback on;



Axiom 1; Life is preferable to non-life (another possible phrasing would be Life is good, non-life is neutral. )
This axiom is not stated necessarily as wholly self evident, but the argumentation and defense for it is as follows.
If Axiom 1 is false, (that is, that all things are neutral, nothing is good, or life is not preferable to non-life) then no action has any relevance or prefer-ability to any other action since no state of existence is preferable or superior to any other.  That being true, there is also no reason to deny the truth/relevance of the axiom.  
This axiom is preferable to others (ex’s; Non-life is good, life is neutral, Life is irrelevant, life is evil) in that it does not conflict with the majority of life's emotionality and motivation to persist.  While it is likely that the axiom “life is neutral in comparison to non-life” is equally or more true, treating the original axiom, “life is preferable to non-life” as true does not create a detriment to the other, but allows for the foundation of an all encompassing ethical system which can be applied to the aid of life.


A few more axioms that I would like to rank below the first one for which the same argument can be made follow;
Axiom 2; Positive emotional, mental, and physical states should be preferentially achieved to negative emotional states among the self aware portions of life as long as this does not conflict with the first axiom,

*the definition of which states are “positive” and “negative” are defined by the members of the species, both as individuals and as a group, in which case the groups positive overrides the individuals positive when the two are at an impasse.

Axiom 3; ???


Not sure what to add in from there, but it feels like an incomplete foundation, any ideas?

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