Local MPs response to BHA petition for 'Concerns over religious worship in schools'

So I'm a regular petition signer for issues I believe in. One I signed recently was a British Humanist Association one called 'Concerns over religious worship in schools'. Having received a reply back from my local conservative MP, I was astounded, and slightly amused at his total ignorance and brilliant ability to miss the point completely.
Conversation was as follows;

My BHA petition letter;

Dear Mr Reevell

I am writing as your constituent to raise my concerns over religious worship in schools. I am particularly troubled that all schools must include an act of broadly Christian worship in assemblies as I believe that this does not allow pupils of different religions or beliefs to be fully involved.

It also worries me that young people are not allowed to opt out of such activities on their own accord but must seek parental permission. I believe that this violates the rights of young people to freedom of belief under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (which the UK has ratified) and in particular causes problems where children have different beliefs from their parents.

Young people do not need worship to provide them with ethical or moral frameworks; there are plenty of examples where inclusive school assemblies can create a sense of shared community and teach young people to understand ethical issues without religious content.

I therefore urge you to press the Government to replace the law requiring acts of worship in schools with one that requires schools to have inclusive inspirational assemblies that may draw on both secular and religious material but do not include religious acts of worship.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Lucia Armitage

His response;

Dear Lucia,

Thanks very much for your email.
Parliament begins every daily session with Christian prayers and I have no objection at all to schools which follow the same path.

Kind regards,

:-0 ......and?.....I would love to know what you guys all think of this. I want to reply to him as surely he doesn't think this is a good enough response. All comments, thoughts, advice appreciated!

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