My wife is somewhat religious, so we occasionally attend a mega new "Jesus is the answer" kinda church called Elevation Church. I don't mind going cause the sermons often lead to thinking exercises of my own.

Anyway they started a new series called "I don't know what I believe." Going in I figured the pastor would make a weak argument as to why Christians don't need to believe everything the bible says...I was right. So far the first weekend sermon he goes on and on about how "we" don't need to worry about if what the bible says is true or not or what certain interpretations mean, just trust in Jesus and follow his ways and "we" will basically be stronger spiritualy and what not. What I'm having trouble with is trying to explain to my wife why his argument is flawed (i forget the logical fallacy here). Can someone help me come up with a non confrontational way of explaining this to my wife; I have such trouble speaking my thoughts and words in a clear manner ? Feel free to watch some of the sermon to get an idea of how manipulative/inspirational he is..the website-

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Irrelevant Conclusion
(ignoratio elenchi )


An argument which purports to prove one thing instead proves a different conclusion.


  1. You should support the new housing bill. We can't continue to see people living in the streets; we must have cheaper housing. (We may agree that housing s important even though we disagree with the housing bill.)
  2. I say we should support affirmative action. White males have run the country for 500 years. They run most of government and industry today. You can't deny that this sort of discrimination is intolerable. (The author has proven that there is discrimination, but not that affirmative action will end that discrimination.)


Show that the conclusion proved by the author is not the conclusion that the author set out to prove.


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