Is there a chance in hell of starting a lobby in Washington for keeping religion out of public schools (carefull not to use the word "atheist).  I see some religious activities happening here at local schools.  I pray (ha) that the school system is being reimbursed somehow.  Even if that is happening I think some will see it as the school system endorsing religion.  Also, I doubt just any religion would be allowed to use these facilities.

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Glen, there are several organizations who lobby, file lawsuits and more in school-related issues. Here are their URLs and then short descriptions: \\\ \\\ \\\

ffrf - Freedom from Religion Foundation invites people to contact them about religion in schools.

ncse - National Committee for Science Education specializes in keeping creationism (in its many forms) out of science classrooms. Many members are science educators.

au - Americans United was founded as Protestants and Other Americans United for Separation of Church and State. While in a Catholic high school I heard nuns who clearly disliked what au was doing.

aclu supplied legal muscle, Clarence Darrow, for the 1925 Scopes trial. Pennsylvania's ACLU and NCSE

Do check them out.

Pennsylvania's ACLU and the national NCSE cooperated to defeat creationists in the 2005 Dover schools case.

I am aware of most of these organizations.  They need to funnel there cause to one voice.  We know the power a lobby can hold (NRA for example).

It's all about money. Bribing the politicos with money they can use to stay in office.

They need to funnel there cause to one voice.

Glen, if you were king, which three of those would you shut down?

Hi Glen, there is no problem with religious activities propaganda at public schools.The teachers at the school could then demand an instruction session be allowed to instruct the students of the dangers of religion propaganda causing mental problems re Boston Bombers, Twin Towers murder .Treason against their flag also the horror of the state of females in some religions used as sex toys etc.

Good luck with that. 

Unfortunately in this country some of the teachers and principles are part of the problem.

We know the evil religion does, but convincing this people is virtually impossible.

there is no problem with religious activities propaganda at public schools.

There is a problem, ck; it's the three "prongs" of the US Supreme Court's interpretation of the First Amendment's Establishment Clause: a compelling governmental purpose, a means that least affects other factors, and no "entanglement" with religion.

Further, my wife and others in her family were teachers and you appear to not know that:

1. teachers are not trained in the subject you suggest,

2. few if any teachers will request, and certainly not demand, specific subjects,

3. state school boards, not local school boards, decide what is taught, and finally

4. school board members often seek higher office and won't attack voters' beliefs.

However, you could open a private school and choose the subjects taught.

Go for it.

Well, with the conditions you describe, the the situation re the law etc is not really fair to the children from a non religious family from the general public,as religion has the law on side in the case of public schools.


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