If you could own a country of your own, what would you do differently than any other country? And what would your ideal country be like?

Would you allow any religion at all? Military? Would you consider not having any ties to certain countries that are overly religions or would, well, basically, stick their noses into your countries business?

What kind of people would you want to inhabit this country? I know this sounds like a ludicrous idea, to have your own country, but I believe anything is possible. If we are to have a more peaceful existence on this planet, what can any of do to change the ways of thinking of others?  Is it even possible?

I will be truly and honestly admit that I am a prejudice person. Not against race or gender, but religion. Do I believe all religions are bad? No. Only Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The worse ones on this planet. And to be blunt, I would not allow any of these religions to practice in any country that I would own. I do question the behavior of Buddhism. Sometimes they push the buttons a bit.

Just wondering about what others would think about this topic. I appreciate any comments, pro or con as to what you think about this. Owning your own country. What would it be like?

Please try not to attack others because they do not believe the way you do. Ideas are to be shared with open minds so we can all grow and learn.

Thanks and have a great day. Or night, whichever period of time you enjoy.

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Hi Quincy,

Interesting question!

I would seek to follow and make improvements to the German model REA: see here: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_Renewable_Energy_Act

Germany is kicking everyone's ass when it comes to renewable energy...

I don't think one can always choose the inhabitants of a nation and manipulate their ideologies to follow a certain belief system. That's Nazi-Utopia-Hell.

Don't you think?

You have to remember that the Nazi's were Christians. They hated the jews, blacks, gays and just about anyone else that was not of their "species" and of their "ideal" type of humans. I personally, would have no problems banning religion from a country. But is that really practical? I am not so sure. It would be interesting to see what would transpire between the residents, if they had no religious reasons to use against their neighbors.

I'm not politically minded and probably the last person you would want running a country, but I would allow religion, but make sure it stays in the private sector (i.e. separation of church and state). My thought is that a secular government suppressing religious belief is no better than a religious government suppressing secularism. Either way, there's suppression going on, and it's only a matter of time before someone fights against it.

We tried the separation of church and state in this country and it does not work. That is obvious with recent Supreme court rulings and the incursion of the religious right into our leaders and governments. Not to mention the countless times people use "religious" freedom to discriminate , hate, etc....

True, it's not perfect. If there was a way to keep the government absolutely secular so that religion didn't come up in debates about birth control access and gay rights, that'd be great, and I also hope there would be a way for people to practice their religion privately without using it as an excuse to step on the rights of others. But I'm pretty sure that's a bit too idealistic.

I wouldn't have a problem banning religious practices that harm others; e.g. stoning, heckling women who walk into abortion clinics, etc. But you can't ban belief itself. Policing thoughts is not something I'm comfortable with.

Thanks for that Beth, and I agree, you cannot ban beliefs. But too often in history, religion has reared its ugly head and taken control over many people' lives, land and even governments. And if you think about it, is that not what religion is doing as well ? Trying to ban thought processes and ideas that do not confirm with their own way of thinking? Take a look at the Islamist extremists. They will kill anyone that does not adhere to or think they way they do  or accept it.

Not unlike the Christian cult, that have murdered doctors, lawyers and many others for not thinking and believing the way they do. Eventually religion does infiltrate others lives, way of thinking and governmental decisions. And those that do not believe or wish to believe, are push to the side and ignored.

If I had my own country, yes, I do believe I would ban religion. Have an atheist or agnostic only country? Why not? Other than legal reasons for hating your neighbors or having any kind of disagreement with anyone, what other reasons would you have? Besides religious reasons.

And to be honest, I am offended by those that say, " I'll pray for you". Please. I do not want you to pray for me. Pray for yourselves first and your hypocritical, bigoted beliefs.

I also think of the laws that have been passed in many countries based on religious beliefs. It is sad and disturbing that this continues to happen, but even their own doctrines say there will be a great war between religions. So, what is the point of allowing any religion in any country?

I am also reminded of the recent activities of the Muslims in our own country, suing the courts and local government for not allowing Sharia law to take precedence in judicial cases involving Muslims. It is beginning and will only get worse. So I am very much in favor or banning religions in a country that I would own or be the leader of. There are 192 countries on this planet, so I am sure those that want to believe in religions, practice it, follow it and talk about, can easily find some place that fits their ideas perfectly. Maybe Texas? hahaha.

It doesn't work well here, because so many Christians are in positions of power to abuse it. But look at any other free country. What are the most secular countries in the world, is it Norway? Sweden? Denmark? Switzerland? Do any of them outlaw religion?

I think making a law about what people are allowed to believe is the surest sign of totalitarianism, and a quick way to build revolt and revolution and (at the very least) underground, secret churches.

Thanks for your reply and post. I do appreciate it. But I would still do it. Ban religion I my own country. No one would be forced to live there or even visit there. Besides, what would be the point to have a non-religious county, to allow religion? For me, personally, I get rather tired of the religious fanatics interfering with my beliefs. I do not go into their churches or home and tell them how to live. Yet so often, you see them forcing their religious beliefs into politics and our government, I pay taxes too and I am not represented by those taxes or elected officials.  I would still set up a country where religion is banned and welcome all that want to live in a religious free society.

As a Pastafarian I must take issue with your ban on religion.

This is all hypothetical....did you read the post closely? It is about  if someone owns their own country...would they ban religion and why?

Besides, you are on an atheist site, so why does it matter to you if a privately owned country would ban religion?  Either you are an atheist, or you are not. Which is it?

If you are pro religions, fine, why are you on here?

I am not anti-religion, I just believe that religion causes more harm than good.

LOL!!!! That was great.

Quincy, google "pastafarian."

He was joking dude :)


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