List of scientific facts which contradict religion and religion has admitted were true

Can we create a list of scientific facts that contradict the Bible or religion in someway and the priest or pope who has admitted they were wrong? I'll give one.. can anyone else think of more? It doesn't have to be a video... (but video would be great) i'd love to hear about Pope's or Priests who weighted in one way or another and who were later contradicted by another Pope or religious figure. Here's Pat Robertson admitting the Earth is not 6000 years old... anyone have anyone saying otherwise?

Pat Robertson admitted that the Earth is not 6000 years old:

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Many Christians will say that the "fall of man" is allegorical, and do not take it literally.  However, if they do not believe it to be literal, then there is also no need for Jesus, as they have nothing to be "redeemed" from, i.e., original sin--making Christianity redundant.  Just ask a Christian whether they believe the fall of man to be true, and if they do not, then explain to them why Jesus isn't necessary.  Here is a quote from "Bible Myths and Their Parallels in Other Religions" by TW Doane explains why, as this story forms the "foundation of the entire structure," and without it, it falls:

"What then, is the significance of the exposure of this myth? What does its loss as a scientific fact, and as a portion of Christian dogma imply? It implies that with it--although many Christians divines who admit this to be a legend, do not, or do not profess, to see it--must fall the whole Orthodox scheme, for upon this MYTH the theology of Christendom is built. The doctrine of the inspiration of the Scriptures, the Fall of man, his total depravity, the Incarnation, the Atonement, the devil, hell, in fact, the entire theology of the Christian church falls to pieces with the historical inaccuracy of this story, for upon it is it built; 'tis the foundation of the whole structure." p. 15-16

The New American Bible, which is the Catholic version of the KJV, in its Preface and Introduction pages, readily admits to and discusses freely the validity of the Documentary Hypothesis, which indicates that Moses didn't write the first five books of the Bible attributed to him, but rather they were written hundreds of years later, by at least four separate, distinct groups, and pieced together like a patchwork quilt around 400 BCE.


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