It's been an interesting couple of years. Growing up in a missionary family, going to church as well as attending christian school have been, for lack of a better word, interesting if troubling. So it is nice to meet other people of a like minded state. You sort of become alienated when everyone you know and associate with are christians.


So I'm rather excited to meet atheists as you can imagine. So hey, I'm Ashik. 

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Hi Ashik. Welcome to TA.


Hey Ashik, welcome on board :)

Hi Ashik, 

 And everyone else.

I guess I'm fortunate that my parents didn't shove religion down our throats, when we were children. At least, not me. I do remember that my nearest siblings had to go to Catechism and Sunday school. By the time I came around, I'm sure my mum had had enough of trying to get her kids some religion. If we went, we went; if not, fine: She let us find our own paths. It just took me a long time to realize and accept what I truly believed and already knew in my heart.

I think the men in our family have all eschewed religion, and the women only go for special services. A couple of my sisters have tried to instill religious beliefs in their kids, but I'm sure it hasn't taken in most cases. I would have to take a survey of several dozens of my relations to know for sure.

It's kind of ironic that I now live in an area of the U.S. that is rife with "Christians" whom have beliefs and mores that couldn't be considered "christian" by anyone's terms. I think that that is one of the main problems with religion... people professing an ideal, but only using it as a tool or weapon, or only taking those parts that are of benefit to them; much the way the religious powers in Medieval Europe did by editing and publishing  bibles to suit the purposes of "the Church."

I totally agree with you Ralph, especially on using religion as a weapon without actually following it, and that has also some cherry picking included I bet that some people would like to follow religion precisely, but they can't because we live in the 21st century and they will have problems dealing with the rest of society if they actually apply all of their outdated teachings of the bronze age.

I'm an oold atheist, but I didn't 'go public' until I retired, for business reasons.  Family & friends knew it. 23 years ago, I'd had enough. I began replying to letters to the editor from the zealots & preachers. And they were published.. It was FUN poking huge holes in their 'arguments'. Although most of my friends were Xians, we just didn't talk about religion.They came to respect my non-belief, & I accepted that they were 'believers'.  The net has been a huge help in sharing our ideas.  FFRF has been a big help in 'growing' our numbers.    The future is ours !

Welcome, Ashik.  You will definitely learn things here - I know I have.


But from where I see it, Odin is a Siberian husky who live with me, and is only interested in books if they are edible (so far, no losses...thank, well, Odin!)

Welcome! I also came from an extremely christian environment. I hope you can find the support your looking for here. If you want a good a read (for any atheist really), you should check this out.Atheism in America

Many thanks for the Atheism in America link.

Greetings Dude! And Welcome! Be Yourself and have fun!See ya!

Hello Ashik-

It's nice to meet you. I'm fairly new too. My name is Mary. I hope you find some interesting material to read and make some new acquaintances along the way.



Welcome to TA Ashik! happy to have you in here.

I hope you find all what you need and learn new things in this community...


btw, your last name "Ibrahim" it's arabic "the arabic name of Abraham"


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