It's been an interesting couple of years. Growing up in a missionary family, going to church as well as attending christian school have been, for lack of a better word, interesting if troubling. So it is nice to meet other people of a like minded state. You sort of become alienated when everyone you know and associate with are christians.


So I'm rather excited to meet atheists as you can imagine. So hey, I'm Ashik. 

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Hi Ashik,


I, like you am a recent member of this group I hope that it is a good one with some good discussions. Because most of these things are not that great but heres hoping.

Maybe chat to you sometime


Sean Mcveigh


What would make this site better do you think?

I suppose we could invite a few trolls, to liven things up.  :-)

Great idea !   I have done some trolling on Xian sites.  It's FUN !   Also, have had vast experience in writing letters to the editor of various papers. Responding to letters by clergy & sheep from many different flocks is a blast.   I've made many friends through this - & a few enemies.  More atheists need to speak out & refute the nonsense of Xianity.

Welcome Ashik, come on in the water is fine. 

Hello Ashik I totally agree I have many friends who believe totally different then I.......................after all variety is the spice of life.............welcome 

Welcome Ashik!  On the one hand the internet is great when it opens new doors like this and we revel in the newly found outlet for our thoughts.  But on the other hand I sometimes wonder if putting/getting our needs met here somehow diminishes our real world by taking us away from the very people who could most benefit from our insight.  Then I get over it and check my email...

I too grew up with a religeous family Christian school for 12 Years! Welcome welcome.....


Hi Ashik,


I also grew up in a Christian home. Like you said it was both interesting and troubling. I am so glad that others are finding that there is more to life than being caged by what any religious group spouts. 


Welcome. :)



I totally understand. I used to be one of those brainwashed adolescents. I thank Odin...or Batman (they both seem pretty cool).. that I was finally able to throw off those archaic and outdated beliefs. :)

Hello Ashik, and welcome!


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