I can't imagine someone who is 237 years old having religious beliefs. If our species somehow continuously evolves into a longer lived species; that alone could be the end of religion. Elders of a gentle race. I mean if you don't get it after a couple of centuries,,,wow! If we were still dying off at 30 or 40, I bet atheism would still be nearly non-existent. Do you thing longevity has an effect on levels of supernatural belief ?

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If we should start living to 237 or longer.. depending on the condition of our bodies at that point. I would think some would see it as getting closer to the supposed longevity of people like Moses.. so it might just reinforce faith, especially if it had been such and incremental increase over centuries that no one would remember when people only lived until their 60s or 70s.. 

It's hard for me to tell. I know too many elderly that are believers. I'm sure all for different reason but I think mortality is a common factor.

 Pushing 237 you would hope that one has heard all of the arguments and (provided they could remember all of them) would make their decision based off of the better set evidence. There are a few other things though that need to be accounted for such as cognitive dissonance, the addiction to religion (if you will), the person's overall ability to be honest with themselves about the information they have been provided, etc.. 

 On the other hand I wonder what Einstein's, Hitchen's, and Darwins legacy would look lie if they lived for 230 some odd years as purveyors of information and break through.   There may not be any religious left after they've had a couple hundred years to deal with them.

Why 200, lets say a few thousand years like 20K years would people still be religious?

I don't think so.

That's a lot of christmas trees !

I don't think this has any correlation with age, to be honest; most people stick with what they learned as children.

I know several people who finally said "enough" when they reached their 50's and 60's. This had a profound effect on their children/grandchildren. I think often people enter a mature phase of skepticism, unlike the rebellious phase when first becoming an adult.

Sadly, I have known my share of deeply religious folks that are much older than 80's. I expect as we age, without some form of mental/cognitive preservation, it might become easier to form or maintain a theist belief. So if you 'want to be/or going to be' an atheist, do it young, while you can still think about the details, latter enertia will carry you through no matter what you believe. I could be wrong though, I find a creeping sense of a weird balance of ideas that seems to sneak in at times, 'age mellowing' maybe? LOL

At this point, I could care less what people think of me. It used to matter to me a lot more. Much of religion is a "show for others" and also an attempt to give kids a moral basis. Older folk loose those concerns. No more proving yourself.  But as you said, old habits die hard.  A million unanswered prayers.

 It may be worth mentioning that my Grandfather in his 90's (after we talked) was willing to consider that there may be no christian gawd at all. He thought of himself as a christian but never really had considered some of the things that I had brought up which were from A Letter to a Christian Nation, and the Age of Reason.

 Grandpa died agnostic as far as I can tell. He was easy though. Just a lighthearted guy who loved to joke and wasn't afraid of deep conversation, just never really had much a chance to engage in it. Even in his 90's he was lucid compared to some that I see in their 70's though.

By definition, supernatural belief is not subject to logic and reason. In many cases, these beliefs get further and further entrenched over time.The longer that a person has such beliefs, the more willing they become to ignore rational, reasoned discussions.

Don't you know that in Old Testament times, people lived to be 900? They were obviously still religious.


the bible uses sheep years ;)


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