This thread is inspired by a YouTuber I'm subscribed to Cody Webber. Cody uploaded a video pretty much stating that he felt he doesn't fit into the category of liberal or conservative. So my question is, do we need a new title for persons who feel they don't fit into either category? 

What do we call a person who cares about freedoms and universal equality, but at the same time does not bat an eyelid at objectionable speech in which may seem offensive to some "pc liberals" 

What do you call a person who instead of telling others "do not say that that's offensive", will alternatively say "I disagree with you / you are wrong and here is why. Do you still hold your view? Why?" 

Combining all of what I suggest here, politically (and socially) speaking what category would such persons fit into? I'm not so sure liberal or conservative is accurate at all.

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I self-label, it works for me.

Most people in the U.S. don't vote ideologically. They vote self-interestedly.

I believe they call people in the middle of the political spectrum, "moderates".

I'm not giving you kids new titles; you don't even use the old ones properly.

I find people at the extremes make just about every term sound ridiculous and dirty.  the word 'liberal' rolls off the tongue either like a swear word or a badge of honour.  I love it when someone writes a scathing critique of an issue which is littered with with prejudicial statements about 'the Left' and 'the Right' as if they were talking about the Borg.  To my mind, the issue is not the extremists, but rather the amount of attention we give them.  While there are many moderate liberals and conservatives, and probably a handful of pure centrists, listening to shouting idiots make it seem like politics is strict binary.  Yer either with us or agin' us.

Personally, I am more of a progressive than a liberal, but in practical terms, this distinction seems to have almost no value in contemporary culture.  No matter what terms I do or do not adopt, those that are willing to hear my views as an individual will listen, and those that are only interested in preaching will typecast.

If I had to create a term, I would call my political views 'correctism'.  The guiding philosophy would be: My opinion is right, so stfu already.  It's not a particularly principled movement, but it does make it easy to maintain philosophical consistency.

If I had to create a term, I would call my political views 'correctism'.  The guiding philosophy would be: My opinion is right, so stfu already.

Sounds a bit like solipsism. 

Only my consciousness is certain to exist... free of political absurdity.



STFU-I-want-a-nice-dayist! This could be me. I just want a nice day, before I'm dead!

I'm one of the people who doesn't fit into liberal or conservative. For the most part I am a democratic liberal. I support gay rights, women's rights, etc. But I'm super conservative on immigration issues.


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