What do you think about LGBT adoption?

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I've just read a "great" argument against gay parenting: The studies on children of gay parents are flawed.

Such stupidity leaves me speechless.
Ah yes, more of the bullshit family values rhetoric from the right wing. On the one hand, your average right-winger spouts off about family values and how the family and the sanctity of marriage and the right to life need to be protected. On the other hand, the self-same person will deny gay adoption, inter-racial adoption, single-parent adoption, low-income adoption (not to mention espousing other anti-family measures as opposing gay marriage, refusing to provide equal education across the board, trying to cut food stamps, medicaid, and basically any welfare program, denying prenatal care to illegal immigrants to ward off *ahem* 'anchor babies', etc. etc. etc.). I say if the christian right REALLY gave a fuck about children, they would make family-friendly policies and leave the religious retardation and basic bigotry out of it. What's better - a child in a loving gay family, or a child on the streets hooking for money? A child in a loving inter-racial family, or a child dying in a dumpster where it's asshole parent left it? A child in a loving single parent family, or a child getting the shit beat out of it in a traditional family? A child in a low-income family, or a child who has everything money can buy, but no love from or time with the parent at all? See how easy it was to prove that those who spout family values the loudest are the ones who are the most anti-family and full of shit? I rest my case.
A single parent isn't necessarily better than a traditional family.

People (any people) can still hide their behavioural problems. And some people just snap after they had enough of their shitty lives.
I have thought a lot about argumenst against allowing LGBT people to adopt, I have read all the comments from that other topic (the one about IVF) and other articles about this found on the internet and I could not come up with a reasonable one that does not apply to "regular" folks too. So I do not have any other questions on this matter. Thank you all for replying.
I used to think that if they can't have a child in a natural way (no medical reasons, for example two guys can't really make a baby :) ), they shouldn't have a child at all. I guess I can't really say that I used to 'think', because it was just an uninformed and unimportant conclusion. I feel proud!

haha - would you say the same about a person who researched the claims of Christianity - read the bible - the stories of the resurrection - then decided it was real and they were going to live their lives proselytizing?  



"When has evidence ever led to the necessary conclusion of God?"


Off the top of my head ... every Christian Apologist basically affirms this.

You know - Complexity in the Universe - The irreducibility of consciousness and Love - The evidence of the Resurrection - Prophecies coming true. Etc.

Of course WE know it's all nonsense.



I know. I really feel proud. I think it will go away after a while, but when you first start having informed opinions, and then realize how close-minded you used to be, it's really really great. :)

You should be raising them to become good, compassionate human beings, free to make their own choices and mistakes - not hanging your own psychological baggage on them -be it sexuality, religion, bigotry.


This is good stuff.


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