What do you think about LGBT adoption?

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It should be no different than any other adoption. If a pair of loving parents wants to adopt a kid and meets the necessary criteria (stable job, etc) then their sexual orientation should not come into it at all.
What about transgender people? Transgender does not imply any specific form of sexual orientation.
It's still completely irrelevant. Likewise, if the prospective parent likes clowns is irrelevant.
A good point, Adrianna, I'd left out qualified single parents in my post, which I shouldn't have. Sexual orientation is still completely irrelevant, but being a couple shouldn't be required either.
Like I've said before... I am interesting on your thoughts on transgender people adopting as well. Not just gay/lesbian people.
First was slavery, then women emancipation, then racism. Now it's LGBT. It's a normal phase of this century.
Having lived in foster care until I was 5 and coming to terms with my own sexuality later in life, I feel I should take part in this discussion. My 2 sisters and I almost hit the "untouchable" list...that list of children who simply are too old to be adopted. Once you reach the age of 5 or 6, it is highly unlikely that you will be adopted. When children are placed into a foster home in sibling groups it is also very difficult to find a family willing to take the whole group...and splitting the group up, while certainly an option, is probably the least desirable option. When a married hetero couple that is unable to conceive is looking to adopt a child, they are typically looking for a very specific set of features and will only adopt newborns or young infants. Of the homo couples that I know who have adopted, this is not the case. They just want to give a child a good life no matter that child's history or physical appearance or age. Now I know this is not the rule...but it is certainly my experience through friends. My partner and I have discussed adoption...and would prefer it over surrogacy..which are our only two options. There are so many children in need of a good home and the state always falls short when it comes to taking care of children. If a person or couple is capable of providing for a child their sexuality should not come into play. The only reason I can think that it would is the arcane religious dogma that so many still hold on to. THERE ARE SO MANY CHILDREN!!!! I can't imagine what interest the state would have in denying any child a good home....if we do indeed have a secular government.
I have a friend who adopted a child who was 8 years old...a year after he adopted, his sons birth mother had another child and was still unable to take care of the child...oddly enough, the state immediately came to my friend to see if he was interested in adopting the sibling. (of course he was) I say oddly enough because this took place in GA and we Southern folks tend to be very conservative and bigoted. I think that if enough people would pay attention to the world around them instead of getting caught up in their Sunday sermons they would see that LGBT citizens are no different (well almost) than other people who live, pay taxes and contribute to society. Of course the only way my friend and his partner were able to adopt was as a single parent, expanding custody and guardianship after the fact. My sisters and I were lucky to be adopted after 5 years in an abusive (sexually,physically,mentally) foster home... it shouldn't be an issue to place a child into a good home.

Florida recently overturned their ban on LGBT adoption. I think the fact that one of the states main proponents was outed as a homosexual AND a patron of male prostitutes may have helped that out. Call me a socialist or communist or whatever you want (atheist socialist if you really want to label me) but the fed should be the one dictating policy like this. I believe it is our federal governments responsibility to maintain continuity and security throughout these United States...otherwise we are not at all United.
That link doesn't work... It gives me the Our apologies – this page was not found message. I found it after a search. It is here.
I don't think it's true that only children with a mother and a father are abused (by one, or both of them). I think that for a long long time there have been only official heterosexual guardians or parents. If we haven't heard of a child being molested by his moms or dads, that doesn't mean that all homosexual people are angels. Their sexual orientation doesn't change that much how they think, or who they are. But if there would be a few big scandals about children abused by homosexuals parents we would see the laws changed pretty quickly and fanatics with pitchforks and torches all over. But people get past a child being molested by a priest very fast... or worse, blame the devil.


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