I know it's fiction but lets try to have a honest conversation about ZOMBIES!

A girlfriend and I were recently talking about zombies. A zombie outbreak would never be groups of zombies just standing randomly around a city center just chugging about waiting to nibble on human hosts. They would most certainly be eating each other almost immediately. Simply because they would eat each other and or themselves when they became full zombie. I am looking at you THE WALKING DEAD!

Another point that I made to my friend was that the zombie apocalypse would not be as bad as a lot of people think. 

Although, I have no proof of this. That's why I came to TA to discuss this fictional matter.

So a few questions for you. I know want to know your thoughts.

  1. Is a zombie apocalypse possible?
  2. Is there any biological/chemical science evidence behind humans turning into zombies?
  3. Would the CDC be able to combat a "zombie virus"?
  4. Why has their not been a general wide spread apocalypse virus in quite some time? Eg the plague/black death levels. Or am I just oblivious to this fact? 
  5. Fast or slow zombies?
  6. Why is the whole world fascinated with zombies? Culturally speaking. Jesus included!
  7. Add your own questions! 
  8. World War Z got delayed! 

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1. Not the living dead. That's fiction, but some form of the rabies maybe in weaponized form.

2. not really, at least that I know of.

3. Depends. How would it be spread? What is the incubation period? If incubation is long enough, it could make cross continental flights but if it's to long a cure or vaccine could work. If I remember correctly the shorter incubation diseases have high mutation capabilities. I could be remembering some crap from a movie instead of science class, lol.

4. There are some good one happening but they are handled quickly. The main reason is we have good medicine right now. The problem is mutation. We are over due for a plague according to the CDC.

5. Fast, slow is for movies. Ever seen a dog with rabies? They're not slow.

6. I like werewolves too.

7. Would a zombie breakout be natural or man made? I say man made.

1/2/5: Yes, the rabies virus makes animal hosts very aggressive and bite, if some crazy genetic engineer woke up in a pissed mood one day and decided to mess with it, it could plausible become some sort of zombie virus, more along the line's of 28 Days Later then other traditional zombie idea's. 

3: Yes, but look at this size and population of the US, it would spread to quickly before they'd ever get near a cure/ anti-virus. People on islands (like me in Ireland) would have a better chance of survival by stopping any incoming transport.

4. The last big pandemic was in 1957, 1 million died worldwide. The reason we haven't had a major outbreak since then is because of sanitation, flu-jabs, anti-viral medicines and good quarantine systems. But it's only a matter of time before another deadly virus like the Spanish flu breaks out, and it will be much worse than anything we'll have seen before. 

6. Aren't all Christians technically going to be zombies once the 'lord' returns to raise the dead and bring them to heaven...

World War Z - Can't wait, will be right craic! 

The last large scale pandemic was the Spanish Flu in 1918 which was partially spread by returning soldiers of WWI.

"The pandemic lasted from January 1918 to December 1920 spreading even to the Arctic and remote Pacific islands. Between 50 and 130 million died, making it one of the deadliest natural disasters in human history. Even using the lower estimate of 50 million people, 3% of the world's population (which was 1.86 billion at the time) died of the disease. Some 500 million, or 27%, were infected."


I came across this Cracked article a while ago, and it sort of fits this thread.


If anyone wants to prepare for said apocalypse go here for help. Just sayin.

Thanks Robert. I am also stocking up on Twinkies.

Lots of scientific evidence to support zombie possibility


It definitely could happen. Probably not like it is portrayed in Hollywood, i.e. the living dead

All it would take is for rabies to mutate and we have a zombie apocalypse on our hands. (possibly)

1 Is a zombie apocalypse possible?

Depends upon what attributes the proposed zombie would have. Could a medically dead body get up and walk around? No. Could a person by some means walk around in a trancelike state craving the taste of human flesh. Sure, it's not impossible.

As for the delay of World War Z, they better hurry: I think I'm starting to hear that aliens taking over human bodies (pod people, Invasion of the Body Snatchers) will be the new zombies.

2 Is there any biological/chemical science evidence behind humans turning into zombies?

Apparently, the poison known as fou-fou from the porcupine puffer fish, aka "fugu," can cause paralysis, coma, and simulate death, but victims can later wake up.

3 Would the CDC be able to combat a "zombie virus"?

It would depend upon what is causing it, of course. If it's a biological infection, perhaps. If it's a drug, maybe, maybe not.

4 Why has their not been a general wide spread apocalypse virus in quite some time? Eg the plague/black death levels. Or am I just oblivious to this fact?

Don't you mean "ever" instead of "quite some time"?

5 Fast or slow zombies?

I have no idea how a zombie could ever be fast, but that may be because, as I said, I have no idea.

6 Why is the whole world fascinated with zombies? Culturally speaking. Jesus included!

The whole world? Are you absoutely sure about that sweeping question/statement? These things come in fads. I heard someone on TV say that "zombies are the new vampires," meaning that public fascination has been shifting from vampires (Twilight, Underworld, etc.) to zombies.

As for World War Z, they better hurry. I overheard someone saying that pod people (as in Invasion of the Body Snatchers) will be the new zombies.

I have to raise a point with your answer for 2.... Fugu fish when not properly prepared by someone specialized in its preparation, can kill you. For instance in Japan, you need to be licensed in order to prepare Fugu. One of the problems with Fugu is that all it's internal organs are poisonous to humans. If not careful with cleaning the fish you can poison the rest of the meat. Then add to that only certain parts of the fish can actually be eaten without incident. You can understand why Japan would require one to be licensed.

You're absolutely right, but purportedly the voodoo priests learned how to use it to achieve the zombie effect. But as you say, "Don't try this at home."

@Unseen. Are you an android?

No, a cyborg. I'm the Six Billion Dollar Man.


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