I know it's fiction but lets try to have a honest conversation about ZOMBIES!

A girlfriend and I were recently talking about zombies. A zombie outbreak would never be groups of zombies just standing randomly around a city center just chugging about waiting to nibble on human hosts. They would most certainly be eating each other almost immediately. Simply because they would eat each other and or themselves when they became full zombie. I am looking at you THE WALKING DEAD!

Another point that I made to my friend was that the zombie apocalypse would not be as bad as a lot of people think. 

Although, I have no proof of this. That's why I came to TA to discuss this fictional matter.

So a few questions for you. I know want to know your thoughts.

  1. Is a zombie apocalypse possible?
  2. Is there any biological/chemical science evidence behind humans turning into zombies?
  3. Would the CDC be able to combat a "zombie virus"?
  4. Why has their not been a general wide spread apocalypse virus in quite some time? Eg the plague/black death levels. Or am I just oblivious to this fact? 
  5. Fast or slow zombies?
  6. Why is the whole world fascinated with zombies? Culturally speaking. Jesus included!
  7. Add your own questions! 
  8. World War Z got delayed! 

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is it possible yes

biological(it would be more of the rage virus then reanimated dead)

yes the cdc would be able to combat them, but don't look for a "cure" look more at people armed to the tis with guns

medical responce speed at which informatyion travels knowing essential how to combat anything that arrives...swine flu?
most likily will be slow zombies...a broken foot may not stop them but it would surly slow them down alot...same with broken leg bones of any sort

everyone is fasciinated with them...becausae of the worlds population, imagiune you wake up and instead of 7 billion almost friendly faces...you wake up and 7 billion people want to eat you

fyi climate and tempratures will be your best friends in a zombie apocolypse....warm weather will speed the decay giving you a nice smell of warnign and cold weather will slow them down to the ppoint they will end up as zombie popsicles


1. Not in the undead sense, but maybe ala 28 Days Later perhaps.

2.Interesting study about stem cells living in a dead body

3. How's the cure for the common cold or cancer coming along?

4. Penicillin?

5. Slow makes more sense, fast is scarier/cooler

6. Because zombies are awesome, unlike stupid vampires who are afraid of the sun.

7. Who else is dying to see the next season of The Walking Dead?

I don't think people would get bitten and infected as easily as they seem to in the movies. If a strange person is moaning and shambling towards you, would you run or would you sit there saying "ma'am? are you okay? Ma'am?" until they're close enough to bite your face off?

I'll just leave this here:

Damn Morgan. It'll take me days to get over watching that.

Wow, imagine if our females had to do that.

Dear Folks:

During the winter and summer 2002, I worked as a field sampler for a local entomologist. We counted plant parasites, fungal infestations, and parasite predators on crops. One of the most interesting was another wasp, very tiny, that was a predator on aphides, that were common on filberts. Just as in the video, these wasps would lay eggs on/in aphides and the larva would consume the host from the inside out. As I counted aphides, it was very common to find the dead aphides on the underside of filbert leaves, with little trap doors cut cleanly for the new wasp to emerge from. That was a good, but very hard winter and summer for me, but I learned more things about nature that most people don't see. ;-)

Some viruses actually changes human behavior, or at least are suspected to do so. Toxoplasmosis has been in the media lately, influenza apparently make us more sociable, and I've seen it been claimed that STDs make us horny.

There are also fungi that do similar things to other insects. 

Jesus Christ really??!!!! what com on the CDC is ridiculousness what prof of zombies are there  

#1-4 I cannot answer.  Not my expertise!  

Taking into consideration rigor mortis and natural decay, #5 becomes an easy choice for me :)

I think #6 is the most interesting question, owing to the fact that zombies don't really exist; the thing we're really considering here is a society that invented the idea of (and subsequently became obsessed with) zombies.  I think that there are several factors contributing to the widespread zombie craze.  Just ask these classy zombies...


By the way?  They'd totally eat each other.  All day.


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