I know it's fiction but lets try to have a honest conversation about ZOMBIES!

A girlfriend and I were recently talking about zombies. A zombie outbreak would never be groups of zombies just standing randomly around a city center just chugging about waiting to nibble on human hosts. They would most certainly be eating each other almost immediately. Simply because they would eat each other and or themselves when they became full zombie. I am looking at you THE WALKING DEAD!

Another point that I made to my friend was that the zombie apocalypse would not be as bad as a lot of people think. 

Although, I have no proof of this. That's why I came to TA to discuss this fictional matter.

So a few questions for you. I know want to know your thoughts.

  1. Is a zombie apocalypse possible?
  2. Is there any biological/chemical science evidence behind humans turning into zombies?
  3. Would the CDC be able to combat a "zombie virus"?
  4. Why has their not been a general wide spread apocalypse virus in quite some time? Eg the plague/black death levels. Or am I just oblivious to this fact? 
  5. Fast or slow zombies?
  6. Why is the whole world fascinated with zombies? Culturally speaking. Jesus included!
  7. Add your own questions! 
  8. World War Z got delayed! 

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Why should we regard zombies as a threat? Is there a possibility that we could find plenty of good zombies? Popular culture seems to have got used to the idea of good vampires and werewolves (well, at least if you watch True Blood), and it doesn't seem such a big leap to consider that zombies could be quite harmless.

Maybe people could even begin to keep them as pets. It may be possible to train them to curtail their habits of ripping off limbs and sinking their teeth into the flesh of the living. After all, dogs will do that if raised in the wrong environment, but after a few thousand years of being socialised into human society most of them are quite agreeable.

I'd also make the point that there are already zombies among us - creatures that walk about concerned only with their own primitive gratification, failing to speak a coherent word or react to the words of others and without any discernible emotion. They're called teenagers, and most of them grow out of it.

1. Is a zombie apocalypse possible?

Unless you know something the rest of us don't.... I don't think so.  

2. Is there any biological/chemical science evidence behind humans turning into zombies?

You mean outside of bath salts..?  I could see Roger Corman doing a film about that for SyFy. LOL

3. Would the CDC be able to combat a "zombie virus"?

They did just release a ZA booklet the last year. So um, whether tongue in cheek or not, I'm sure if a ZA did break out a number of people would be downloading that pamphlet. 

4. Why has their not been a general wide spread apocalypse virus in quite some time? Eg the plague/black death levels. Or am I just oblivious to this fact?

The closest thing we'd had in modern times is the AIDs epidemic. 

5. Fast or slow zombies?

 For me, I think George Romero style slow zombie would be my preference

6. Why is the whole world fascinated with zombies? Culturally speaking. Jesus included!

I think the interesting thing about zombies is that they can sub for whatever the current boogie man is insociety and people can identify with the survivors.. For instance, society has gone from seeing the Soviet Union as the bad guys, to the middle East to Muslims, currently. So when a zombie film comes out we can transfer our fear and apprehension of those real life boogie men to the zombies on screen. So when you view the Walking Dead through that lens, those aren't zombies-- that is the general fear the U.S. has had in regards to Muslims since 2001.. Seriously, think about just how many people have issues with Muslims currently and how well zombie films have done since 9/11..... 

Aww shit i love zombie movies and i watch alot of them, so i will be prepared when the zombie apocolaypse comes

Im goin with the 28 days later scenario.  A widespread re-animation of dead tissue and/or people dying and craving living, human flesh, as is pretty much the accepted rule of the movies so no they will not be eating each other- seems as unlikley to me as the existence of a god.  If shit broke out in a major metropolitan area and spread from there it would get far but i dont think it would be apocolypse grade.  If it broke out in several places or many then sure head for the hills bring yur guns.  The CDC wouldnt have a chance for here in America we have lots of guns per house hold and it would be hella fun hunting zombies.  Personally I'd have my guns of course but also my katana cus hey it doesnt need re-loading right?  You would really need a grenade or some other IED in case you are over run who wants to be eaten alive right?  Gihad their asses cus I think in the rage virus scenario they would most certainly be fast moving zombies.  Remember the reavers from Serenity?  If you have seen the movie of course.  They were made by a gas that was supposed to make them very passive but in the end they lost the will to live cept for the ones, well that didn't. 

Side note-  You and your girlfriend were discussing zombies huh.  Nice.  Pay no attention to the dick who is jealous he's not smart AND good looking.  Hey dick, lay off the hater-ade.  Zombies are no doubt a fixation of a lot of America right now.  So beyond her being hot it is still a viable conversation for #1.


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