I am a Christian theist, and I am inviting atheists to talk with me about the nose in our face.

I read this text in your website:

[quote] Think Atheist is your safe place to come out and learn how to have a dialog with friends, family, and strangers about your belief that the world was not created but is in its current state because of complicated and beautifully unguided processes. [/quote]

You are saying that the nose came about by unguided processes?


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What adherents of the Abrahamic religions have a hard time grasping is cosmological, geological and evolutionary time scales.  This is not surprising, given the 6000-year time-frame for biblically-derived time scales.


"The theory of evolution by natural selection".  Evolution is a fact.  It's natural selection that's a theory . . . but it's so overwhelmingly confirmed by evidence, that there's little doubt that it is the actual mechanism of evolution.


Evolution has had 3.5 billion years to produce the variety of life we see on Earth.  Why single out the nose?  What about the ears or eyes?  Just because you haven't tried to understand evolution doesn't mean it's not true.


Genetics, when considered in context of millions or even billions of years, is not a difficult concept to grasp.  Instead of taking the lazy way out, you should try to fill the voids of your ignorance with the information freely available on the Internet.


Your position seems to be: "I don't want to spend the effort to learn about the world I live in.  Therefore, God did it."


Our understanding is far from complete.  We know there's much we don't understand.  Certainty is reserved for religion.  Who needs facts when you can skate by on authority?


As Bertrand Russell said, "In the modern world, the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt."



Please consider yourself officially warned by the mods of Think Atheist. 




"I have not read all your posts here, except the first few ones; because most of you are always into frivolities, nothing indicative of intelligent thinking on facts."


Please see number 4 in our guidelines for posting on this site.


We look forward to your participation here at our community. In fact, we are always very, very happy to have theists to discuss with. However, your status as a theist does not put you above our rules. 

If you have an further questions, please feel free to add me as a friend and email me. 

Thank you very much for your time and future compliance.

-T.A Mod Team. 


The nose on your face came about by natural selection, which is not an 'unguided' process. And at least one man, Tycho Brahe, had a nose that was created by intelligent design.
An excellent point. He was also eliminated by natural selection as the behavioral anomaly to hold one's urine until their bladder burst was not a beneficial one.
On a slightly more serious note, firstly welcome to the site!

Secondly, evolution does not claim that there is or isn't a god. It simply describes a process, supported by evidence and observation, by which biodiversity could occur that made no assertion for or against the existence of the supernatural, and did not require it.

To argue for ID, you must first argue for the designer(s). If this assertion cannot be backed up with evidence, as the burden of proof would fall on the shoulders of the person making the positive claim, then it can not be built upon to support an ID claim.

As doone pointed out, the nose exists in many many forms of nose or olfactory sensors that aren't a nose. So in that light, which nose are we talking about, and why that nose in particular instead of another?
Pachomius. Is this who you think you are, or some more arcane reference?
What you Christians fail to understand (and what I didn't understand while I was Christian) is that these problems have already been worked out by scientists. Of course, you can rely on ID and creationist arguments if you like, but if you really want to talk with us about things like the nose on our face, you should probably investigate what biologists have already written about it. There are full, satisfying explanations for things like the nose and the eyes. These questions do not stump or mystify us. We understand the process that is, yes, unguided, and have taken the time to research the mechanism of evolution.
My nose smells a troll!
My comment:

I can only repeat what others have said. Natural selection is a guided process so no we are not saying that. We are also not saying that is was a concious process. Evolution neither confirms nor denies god, he doesn't even come in to it I'm afraid.
Same here!
His face, along with the nose that is (allegedly) his, is actually visible in the middle of the eye.


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