I am a Christian theist, and I am inviting atheists to talk with me about the nose in our face.

I read this text in your website:

[quote] Think Atheist is your safe place to come out and learn how to have a dialog with friends, family, and strangers about your belief that the world was not created but is in its current state because of complicated and beautifully unguided processes. [/quote]

You are saying that the nose came about by unguided processes?


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I have little to no patience for trolls. ;) Especially when they're too lazy to do their own research and resort to trying to boss other people around. Plus, his stated intention is to be "unproductive" - I'm just helping! :)

I second this ROFL

Does the Sun count? I see that every day and I'm fairly sure that it is at least as useful to my continued existence as the nose on my face.

Just off the top of my head.

[Conjecture: Is it a coincidence that I immediately chose the Sun AND that the Jesus myth is a reiteration of older Sun-god myths?]
It continues. My wife never had wisdom teeth. True story, no joke. Never had them, so never needed them removed.

Indeed she is!  I think she's smarter than I am. :)

I never had wisdom teeth, either. 

I have a tiny partial one on my lower left, but it's only the size of a split pea. 

The others never developed at all. 


Nah, they're just evolving and leaving us all behind. :)

Mine was painless.  no swelling, healed quick.  Same at first though.  Soups and the like. :/

Wisdom teeth: fixed with a medical procedure(we no longer need to chew our food as much or have as many teeth to eat). I had three removed, one was never even going to erupt and had to be pried from my skull with special pliers.

Also: Appendixes!

Years and years ago, your appendix burst, you died, and evolution favors larger appendixes, because they're less likely to burst. Unfortunately this also means the appendix, even if it's a time bomb for some of us(it gathers bacteria in the gut), it'll be around for a long time--if evolution favored smaller appendixes, it might go away, because we really don't need it any more now that most of our food gets cooked to remove bacteria. But larger appendixes are still less likely to cause problems, so it lives on. For now.

I am also now stuck with "Appendix love you long time." in my head.

Of course the germs mutated! Satan guided them to do so! Duh! :P

That was vacuous and half-hearted at best. Are you a beginner? Perhaps we could give you some helpful pointers to improve your performance.

I think that opening with a wide-spread generalization was good, and the fact that you based it out of self-confessed ignorance was also a nice touch, but the overall content had no meat to it.

And I guess that's the major issue: a troll needs cast some form of assertion as bait, but you're being entirely too passive and luke warm. There's just no hook. The nose and unguided processes? Too trite and lazy. Flesh it out a little, come back with something a little more thoughtful, and we can polish it up from there.
I have not read all your posts here, except the first few ones; because most of you are always into frivolities, nothing indicative of intelligent thinking on facts.

Very clever at manipulating concepts and words to fool yourselves, and imagine that you can fool other people whose intelligence is still intact and immune to self-deceit.

What is lacking in your premise will not be corrected by a preview function. What is needed is a brain function. You flatter yourself to think that your intelligence is intact and that you are immune to self-deceit.


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